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Sanremo 2024, the first looks of the competing artists ignite the festival’s engines

Sanremo 2024, the first looks of the competing artists ignite the festival’s engines

Which Sanremo 2024 On us, the traditional evening dedicated to choosing young man. The event designed to select the latest names of the competing artists has become a much-awaited showcase platform to see a taste of the artists’ looks big It has already been announced in recent days.

Obviously, the participants do not reveal their style choices as well as the song titles but from the first clothes we can understand who they are on stage.Ariston He will play with fashion as well as with words and notes.
Most of the heroes, or super guests as they call them AmadeusHe prefers elegance without a lot of risk. Lots of black, for both men and women, which both offer custom pieces and designer pieces.

Perhaps there was a sense of absence of colour, and some of the brushstrokes made the procession of singers less strict, all of whom were nonetheless impeccable. In this panorama, dress Emma In Ferrari Style. the artist on fire Sports were created by design Rocco Iannone.

Young and fresh with a look that makes her look like Lum, Angelina Mango in Etro. If this is a business card, we can already conclude that the singer will want to take the stage not only with her voice but also with her appearance.

Here are all the outfits in detail.

Ghali in Jil Sander

The artist, who is always concerned with style, wears a black suit highlighted with metallic details and silver-colored shoes.

Gali con Amadeus.

Maurizio D’Avanzo /

Alessandra Amoruso in Mono

our Taylor Swift She appears in a black outfit consisting of a geometric-cut top and pants that are so wide that they appear to be a floor-length skirt.

Alessandra Amoruso with Amadeus.

Maurizio D’Avanzo /


He defines his artistic style as “exciting pop” but in terms of appearance his pop music seems to be more “British”. Gazelle version Damon Albarn He wears a hoodie with large pockets, black pants that aren’t as big as most of his teammates, and a very simple pair of white sneakers. Black sunglasses are inevitable which makes the personality more Britannia is cold.

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