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Bitter Land Turkish Preview: Fikret abandons Zuleikha!

Bitter Land Turkish Preview: Fikret abandons Zuleikha!

Let’s discover together the outings of Terra Amara, a TV series broadcast from Monday to Sunday on Canale 5: here are the summaries of the episodes that will be broadcast soon.

the Turkish offers of Terra Amara It will be packed with new features that will keep viewers glued to the screen: this time all eyes are on it I thought. Boy, he fell in love Zuleikha But without reciprocating, he will decide to leave the woman’s home. However, she will beg him to retrace his steps! But let’s find out together what the previews for the soon-to-air episodes reveal in detail 2.10pm on Canale 5.

Turkish Bitter Land Preview: Dunmir kisses Fikret

In the upcoming episodes of Bitter land Everyone’s eyes will be focused on her I thought. Man will already have to face many sufferings, as if those he has already experienced are not enough. actually, When Demir finally welcomed him into the familyLike a brother, he will be taken away by kidnapping. For a long time No one will know anything about Yemen even if the bitter truth is that Ibn Hunkar will be kidnapped and killed by Abdul Qadir’s men.Although it will be a long time before the truth is discovered.

Turkish preview of Bitter Land: Fikret loves Zuleikha

Fikret will swear to protect Zuleikha and her nephews: The man will feel that this is his duty, and in order to do it as best as possible, he will move to the villa. The relationship between the two brothers-in-law will grow more and more with a nephew college He will become a real bodyguard for the woman and her children, but unfortunately that is the situation He will get out of control when Fikret realizes that he loves Alton. The girl, unfortunately for him, He will not reciprocate, on the contrary, he will become increasingly interested in the newcomer Mehmet Kara.

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Fikret leaves Villa Yaman, according to the Turkish preview

Fikret will feel very jealous of the growing relationship between Zuleikha and Mehmet Moreover, he would not trust a human at all. He suffers a lot from being close to the woman he loves without having any hope. Demir’s brother will decide to leave the estate. ZuleikhaAfter I heard the news, He will suffer greatly and beg him not to leave Because he is the person he relies on the most at that particular moment. I thoughtbut, He will not be moved by pity and will not change his mind.

Bitter landthe much-loved Turkish series, has been broadcasting since November from Monday to Saturday at 2.10pm on Canale 5.