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Samsung is adding more devices to the ones you can fix yourself – check if yours is there

Samsung is adding more devices to the ones you can fix yourself – check if yours is there

Samsung decided to expand the lineup of devices that users can repair themselves, without having to wait at a service center.

Smartphones and tablets have always been devices you can get for repairs Very complicated. Gone are the days when cell phones had removable batteries which made disassembling them a little easier.

Do-it-yourself repairs for a long list of Samsung devices –

But reversing this trend of science fiction and untouchable products increases the number of devices designed to also be the subject of infringements. Do it yourself repairs. Obviously you still need to be familiar with the technology and not just screwdrivers.

Replacing a component at home instead of sending your smartphone or tablet to a service center means equipping yourself with one In a dust-free space and using appropriate tools. But at least Samsung puts capable people to work on their devices. And the list of those that users can fix has been expanded by adding some surprising things.

Samsung trusts you, and these devices can also be repaired at home

To be able to repair a device, whether it's a computer, a smartphone or a tablet, it doesn't matter, you need the right tools and, above all, to understand what's wrong. But the fact that Samsung decided to expand the list of those devices that can be repaired at home remains A sign that should not be underestimated. And also because the seven new devices that enter the DIY list are the most complex that the Korean company offers now.

If you wish, you can also repair these Samsung devices yourself –

So now it can be repaired by DIY Galaxy S23,All deviations, i.e Tab S9again all conjugations, and Galaxy Book 2 Pro me too Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5. In fact, entering this list means that the company is launching a program that welcomes those who request it Original spare parts and manuals provided Detailed repairs to perform as if you were following an expert's tutorial.

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These are not spare parts that are provided for free, but an important step forward for companies that produce technological objects and for users: the first company stops at all costs trying to make a profit only and exclusively from purchasing new things, the second company thus can better reflect How much digital waste They are produced only because you cannot fix a cracked screen or a battery that no longer works well. the The right to receive compensation Rather than producing waste, it's already something even if it's clear that the company, as well as Apple which started a similar program, will try to make money from it. Good news is added to the good news: the service is already active in our country.