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Samantha Cristoforetti, IRIDE is the winning name of the "Space for Ideas" competition announced by the International Space Station

Samantha Cristoforetti, IRIDE is the winning name of the “Space for Ideas” competition announced by the International Space Station

Samantha Cristoforetti In communication from the International Space Station announced the name of the future Italian satellite constellation of Earth observation will be “irisItalian astronaut of the European Space Agency – ESA, Samantha Cristoforetti On the occasion of the first media air call in which the Minister of Technological Innovation and Digital Transition participated, Vittorio ColaoMinister of Education , Patrizio Bianchihead of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), Giorgio SacucciaDirector of Human Exploration and Robotics at the European Space Agency, David Parker.

Examination Committee headed by Samantha Cristoforetti It consists of European Space Agency astronauts Luca Parmitano And Roberto VittoriThis name was chosen from among 1,061 proposals received from 638 schools that participated in the “Space for Ideas” competition, a competition launched by the Department of Digital Transformation with the Ministry of Education and the Italian Space Agency to give a name to the future constellation of Earth’s satellites. Low orbit observation.

I am very grateful to all the students who participated in this competition. A participation that shows the enthusiasm and passion of the new generations in the space sector. We want to continue to stimulate innovation, support research and, above all, create valuable job opportunities in this field, as Italy boasts a competitive industrial fabric and excellent research centers. With the huge resources of the National Resilience and Recovery Plan, we can re-launch our strategic ambition in space, in collaboration with ASI, ESA and all the institutional actors involved, to make Italy a leading player in this sector.The Minister of Innovation and Digital Transformation announced, Vittorio Colao.

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In this competition, we asked students not only to give a name to the future Italian satellite constellation, but also to understand the essence of this great national project. By the name chosen, we have given an identity to a colossal result of European and Italian research in particular. Thanks to this activity with the schools, we have directly tested their interest and enthusiasm in studying disciplines such as physics and mathematics, which is fundamental to understanding what our skies have become today.The Minister of Education announced, Patrizio Bianchi.

Winners will be awarded on June 1, 2022 Marking a special occasion.

what is the project

The constellation of satellites – which will become the most important European space program for observing the Earth at low altitudes – will be built in Italy and completed within five years with the support of the European Space Agency – the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency thanks to BENR’s resources. The constellation will also support civil protection and other departments to combat hydrogeological instability, fire, coastal protection, and monitor critical infrastructure, air quality and weather conditions. Finally, it will provide analytical data for the development of commercial applications by startups, SMEs and industries in the sector.