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“Salvation in the Champions League, we have been waiting for it for two years.”


4.15 pm

Press conferences end

Press conferences end in Formillo. The team goes out to the field to complete training. A Champions League match with former Simeone is not far away.

4.10 pm

Lineup analysis and renewal joke

“This is the most complete team in the 8 years I’ve been here. We performed well in the other years, but we missed more. The important thing is to keep working, then if you win a game or two later.” “Everything changes. Even the way you deal with the match after it and we can continue well. Am I the captain after Milinkovic’s farewell? I don’t feel it. The captain is Ciro, he is the captain, who has done more than anyone at Lazio. I try to help and do my best.” . It’s my way of seeing football, and when I speak it means doing something. Renewal? I’m leaving in December (laughs, editor). Let’s be calm, firstly I would like to end up in my country for a year, but it all depends on how I feel physically.”

4.06 pm

Louis and disputes with the rulers

“We said we won’t talk about Juve anymore, let’s forget it. Kamada, Guendouzi and Matteo are great players. Matteo played for Arsenal and Marseille, and that says it all really. He’s a serious boy. I like Daichi very much. “Everyone will find space, for sure they will perform well. Extremely good all season long. However? The life of a striker is like this: when he scores goals he is a phenomenon, otherwise he is poor. He is calm. When he scores two goals everyone will be happy. “Silent. National team? I don’t think about it. For me, staying in my country is important. I’m available, but I don’t think about it because it drains energy. The coach will take care of it.” List. It is clear that he does not like me, there are many strong people in the national team. There are 10-12 of them in my league. “I have to do a good job here first.”

4.04 pm

Luis Alberto and the passion of the Champions League

“I’ve always said that. If I’m healthy, I want to finish my career in Cádiz. Playing in the Champions League comes motivation on its own, otherwise you don’t like football. It would be better to play in it. A full stadium, when we did it (because) Pandemic, editor) Playing without fans was a bit strange, it’s their football. We need more hatred in both regions, better defense of everyone, and we cannot concede certain goals. Against Juve, not even a fourth-tier team can concede certain goals. It lacks a little personality. “For the rest, we are playing well, and we are stronger in both areas.”

4.02 pm

Luis Alberto speaks before the Lazio-Atletico Madrid match

The press conference also begins Luis Alberto, who faced Atletico 7 years ago in the Spanish League: “I think we lost 3-1 last time… Simeone’s team is difficult, they have shown that in recent years. It is a slogan and a legend for the club. Tomorrow will be a very difficult match, requiring hatred and character.” “Since January last year, he has been playing more possession, football with more confidence. He showed with the 7-0 win that he attacks a lot and they have players at international level who can change the game at any moment.”

3.58 pm

Lazio goals with Sarri

“We’ve been scoring goals game after game. We want to get the result without making calculations. I know Atletico, I know a little bit about Feyenoord and Celtic. Let’s think about this game and get the most out of it. Champions League matches are always difficult with teams of physical and technical quality. “Maybe the gap between the 7-8 teams and the other teams has increased, but even before that it was difficult.”

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3.56 pm

Sarri and the controversy after Juventus

“In Turin, the club asked us not to comment and we are committed to that. The Champions League is another story, the level is very high. It’s an honor and a pleasure to be in it and also to fight for every ball. When you play every 70 hours physically you don’t understand much. Mentally, there is no time and it would not be right to keep thinking about Juve. Let’s fix the mistakes and think about Atletico Madrid. Directed by Guendouzi? Impossible, he doesn’t have the qualities of a low top. reaction? The boys have fought for two years for this match, that’s all we need. Just think of the sacrifices made.”

3.53 pm

Team approach

“Our approach is wrong? Too much to say is wrong. The difficult phase against Juve lasted 12 minutes. Aggression and competitive anger were missing. However, the team was tidy, we need 10 dirt instead of 5. The approach taken in the second half was also a problem last year.” There is no logical explanation when talking about 30 heads… It is difficult to understand why, they are training the right way. “We are talking about it to try to resolve it.”

3.50 pm

Sarri talks about the Ciro Immobile moment

“Immobili has the fate of great Jackets. A player you cannot do without and when he doesn’t score he gets criticized. This happens to all players who score 30 goals. The team doesn’t play deep and that costs us something, it needs more help and it needs to progress more.” Kamada “And Guendouzi together? During the season yes. When Luis Alberto suffers… We are more strategic than tactical. We want to follow a certain philosophy, not change in one game. Let’s make our things work as best as possible.”

3.45 pm

The Champions League match and the turning point

“We have to take it one game after another. The calendar offers us this, we have problems to solve. And also the awareness that we have made some progress. Now we need to take a decisive step forward. With strong teams, there are risks, that is clear. Our team also remained short In the last two matches. The approach was less decisive than our opponents, but then we were not bothered by giving our opponents the opportunity to replay. In the last matches, I regret that we conceded goals in easy and avoidable situations. Then the 54 balls in the area without a goal: it makes me sad And it makes me think there is room for improvement. The best time to face Atletico? I don’t know, I’m just thinking about getting a result against them. Our results are not positive, so it may be a bad time. “We don’t think about it, there is an opportunity to play against the strongest team in the group.”

3.40 pm

Sarri’s first words at the press conference

“I expect the team to improve further and eliminate the flaws we saw at the beginning of the season. The most obvious flaws now are the approach we take to the game in which we struggle. In crucial moments we lack some areas of the pitch, such as defense and midfield. In the other 70 meters we are making progress.” . Simeone’s football? “I said in Naples he’s different, but I respect him. He’s done very well in Europe and Spain.”

3.24 pm

Who speaks to Sarri in the press conference?

Luis Alberto will appear at the press conference with the coach. The Spanish magician, who is also celebrated in his home country, is the player who has produced his best performance so far at the start of the season.

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3.15 pm

Lazio’s numbers in the Champions League

For the Biancocelesti, this campaign is about to begin and will be their eighth Champions League campaign. He played 60 matches: 24 wins, 16 draws, 20 defeats. The best result was in the quarter-finals in 2000.

3 pm

Lazio Champions League program

Surrey conference at 3:30 p.m. At 5 p.m., the Biancocelesti team will take to the field to finish training. Tomorrow on the field at 9 pm. Lazio’s next match in the Champions League will be on October 4 against Celtic away from home.

2.45 pm

Lazio and Sarri speak at the press conference

Maurizio Sarri speaks again. He does so on the eve of the match between Lazio and Atletico Madrid, a match that marks his seasonal debut in the Champions League. The coach did not hold a conference before or after Juventus. There are many topics on the table.

Formillo – Press Room


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