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Super Bonus, Giancarlo Giorgetti: Appropriations of $160.5 billion, 7.4% deficit does not affect the deficit

Super Bonus, Giancarlo Giorgetti: Appropriations of $160.5 billion, 7.4% deficit does not affect the deficit

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The super bonus will affect debt Until 2026. So is the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti In Def's most recent hearings before the House and Senate Budget Committees. “Apart from the impacts on net debt,” the MEF owner explains, “a review of related costs Extra bonus It will affect trends in needs and debts According to the effectiveness file of concessions.” He adds that the amount of fees associated with the super bonus will be subject to specific monitoring.

Number of building rewards

Regarding the past, Giorgetti sets the total appropriations relating to all construction bonuses in the period between October 15, 2020 and April 4, 2024 at 219.5 billion: 160.5 refers to the super environmental bonus and the super earthquake bonusWhile 59 billion relates to other construction rewards. Net amounts subject to cancellation For fraud, errors, etc., the Superbonus balance amount in the four-year period 2020-2023 equals 153.3 billion. The credits used so far through clearing with F24 amount to 41.8 billion, of which 20.8 billion will be cleared in 2023.

EU infringement proceedings confirmed

In light of these numbers – as well as new estimates from Istat, which have been further revised upward 2023 deficit reaches 7.4% With one lose From 43 billion Compared to Nadef, who according to Giorgetti “Doesn't affect Def predictions» – The Minister confirms the possibility that Brussels will launch one Excessive disability infringement procedures. The procedure will require Italy to amend 0.5% annually Until the deficit returns to European Union standards, which is what the owner of the Ministry of Finance hopes will happen Contextually Brussels approves the plans submitted by member states.

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To facilitate this outcome, he explains, the government will begin a “diligent technical dialogue” with the government European Union Commission Realizing that “unifying public finances is the same Complex challenge “Government and Parliament must face it together”: Correcting the distortions created by the superbonus in public accounts “badly generated from the beginning without preventive control”, Giorgetti asserts, “is completely within our reach” despite the bonus “eaten A year of increased health spendingAn additional 4 billion between Def submission and final accounting by Istat.

It's the accounting department's fault State year? “Not only that, the blame is widespread,” because “When you're racking up debt, you shouldn't do it lightly»: After offering “good” debt “at any cost” in recent years, he stigmatized Giorgetti as “leaving a very heavy legacy for future generations.” It is a legacy, he claims, that the government has tried to mitigate through damage control. “Otherwise we would have told an amazing story that sparked laughter around the world.”

Tuesday, April 24, in the meantime European Parliament Preparing to give the final green light to New European Governance Framework Which will testify to the reform Stability Charter. However, by April 30, the government will have to send Def to Brussels. (All rights reserved)