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Round eyes and a transparent head: this is the strangest fish of the depths

Round eyes and a transparent head: this is the strangest fish of the depths

Have you ever seen this deep sea fish? Rolling eyes and completely transparent head, it’s a real oddity of nature.

Nowadays we really know a lot about the animal world, we have been able to classify thousands and thousands of species over the years, but despite this, there are Always new discoveries ratings each year.

This is because there are some regions of the planet that are hostile to us and difficult to explore: I am a prime example ocean depthsWhich hosts a group of very special fish.

The strangest fish from the depths of the sea (

The marine and ocean ecosystem in and of itself is a very challenging environment for researchers to explore and study because marine organisms are by nature very shy and have a huge advantage over us: the ability to Move quickly And Scuba breathing.

Thanks to modern equipment we can Explore oceans around the world And Animal Catalog inside them, however abyss They are certainly among the areas of our world in which the greatest uncertainties thrive.

What are the depths hiding? An almost unexplored world

When we talk about the abyss, it is clear that we are not talking about the depths, which are at a short distance from the surface, but about Thousands and thousands of meters: Areas where humans cannot survive due to high water pressure. This is precisely why when it comes to Abyssal animals There is always this veil of mystery due to the fact that there have been so few sightings at those depths.

Many legends were also born about the animals of the Abyss, such as the famous Beast Beast Loch Ness Or the one he talks about a lot megalodonbut until proven otherwise, the animals living in the abyss are just gods Distinctive fish. Even one of the weirdest ones has one Transparent head And two eyes that are able to rotate.

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Tubular eyes and a transparent head: here is the strangest fish in the abyss (

Weirdest Fish in the Deep: That’s it

Its scientific name is small micropina tumor It looks a lot like strange fish: They live in areas so impenetrable that their existence was only video-documented in 2021 by a remotely piloted submarine. It is a fish native to the Pacific Ocean that lives at depths between 500 and 4000 metres.

It has two special characteristics that make it probably the weirdest fish in the abyss: gods Tube-shaped eyes facing each other Practically transparent braincase.

In fact, it is not transparent, but only colorless and is located precisely to protect the eyes that can be rotated in different directions. The two nostrils in front are not his true eyes, but olfactory receptors.