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Star Beach: Where is this magical and evocative place that seems to have stepped out of the painting

Star Beach: Where is this magical and evocative place that seems to have stepped out of the painting

It looks like a magical place right out of a painting, but it really does exist in reality: It’s called the “starry beach” and it’s a guaranteed sight.

When choosing a vacation spot or simply the destination to travel to, people’s different habits and tastes play a role: there are those who prefer relaxing vacation To the sea, or whoever wants to give way to him His adventurous spirit To go to discover the mysterious and remote places on our planet.
the “Starry beach“, as it’s called, is definitely a place that can combine the two.

It is a special and magical place Looks like it came off the plate Or from a Disney movie, but is actually on planet Earth.
It’s a tropical beach, but that’s the scene natural phenomenon It’s amazing that everyone should admire life at least once in their lives, like the Northern Lights.

Starry Beach: That’s why it’s called that way

This place is called the “starry beach” because it seems that the entire sky of the night sky is spilled over the sea water, but also on the sand.
In fact, in this very place, a certain phenomenon takes place through which the seashore and the coastline are Full of bright blue dotsas if they were stars that fell from the night sky.
A show worth admiring even from pictures on the web alone.

Starry Beach (You Tube Screensaver) –

In recent years, tourism to this destination is growing more and more thanks to this phenomenon that attracts visitors from all over the world.
She is looking forward to it in the coming years More and more people will land on this beach The stars to admire this phenomenon.
Not everyone knows that this place that looks like it came out of a painting It is located in the Maldives.

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Maldives natural scene: stars pouring into the sea

The “starry beach” or “starry sea” is a phenomenon that occurs in many parts of the world, but on this island of the Maldives archipelago it can be observed more frequently and on a larger scale.
The island in question is that Vadhuone of the islands of the administrative division of Raa Atoll, in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Obviously, the phenomenon in question is not magical, but it is caused by it Bioluminescence of some phytoplankton which are found on the sea surface of this island.
These are called phytoplankton dinoflagellatesThis kind of blue light can produce solar energy to synthesize substances dissolved in water and convert them into organic matter.