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Rocio Munoz Morales is fond of a (magical) place in Italy: it is seen for the upcoming holidays


The beautiful Rocio Munoz Morales has shared some shots from the day she spent in one of the most suggestive places in Italy with her fans.

In addition to the long-awaited relaxation, summer has always been an opportunity to discover the most beautiful places. Whether they are abroad or in Italy, Visiting places you have never been before has incomparable charm It is an invaluable experience for anyone. If you then take advantage of the beautiful days to appreciate our beautiful country even more, you certainly do not risk being disappointed.

Rocío Munoz Morales has a (fantastic) place in Italy: a valid springboard for the upcoming holidays (Cityrumors.it)

The box has so much to offer from a natural, historical, cultural and gastronomic point of view, that one never ceases to be truly amazed. Everyone, Italian and non-Italian, was amazed: The wonderful Rocio Munoz Morales, for example, found a place she recently visited irresistible Which, it seems, will be remembered for a long time.

“I am extremely… insanely… totally… More and more love for Italy that never ceases to amaze me…for stealing a little piece of my heart again”Below you read the series of photos and videos that the actress posted on Instagram. In fact, these are images so suggestive, that someone will surely feel like they are thinking of an idea for an upcoming trip.

Love at first sight by Rocio Munoz Morales: Madly in love with this Italian city

As everyone knows, Raul Bova’s partner was born in a nation that, in terms of charm, can stand up to many others quite well: Spain is known to be among the most beautiful countries in the world, and Rocío’s eyes are certainly accustomed to some wonders. However, the fact that she came from a land as wonderful as the Iberian one didn’t stop her from doing so To be enchanted by the Marmore Falls in Terni.

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Rocio munoz morales holiday resort
Rocio Munoz Morales hit a (magical) spot in Italy: a must-see for the upcoming holidays – Credits: Instagram rociommorales (Cityrumors.it)

almost a fairy tale setting, Which aroused unexpected sensations in her: “Amazed at so much wonder… Touched by all this magic”the former dancer added in the comment to the post.

It was given this name in reference to the calcium carbonate salts present on the rocks and resembles marble. Marmore Falls is formed by tributaries of the Tiber, Felino and Nera rivers. It is located in the Nera River Park, 7 km or less from Perugia and is the highest artificial waterfall in Europe.


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