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Renting a car, this little negligence can cost you dearly: a mistake that pays for its weight in gold


When you rent a car, especially during the summer season, you must not lose sight of the details above all, because negligence can cost you dearly.

Those who have to commute around their city rather than go on vacation need four wheels and rent during the summer is subject to an increase in demand. Not only the car for a few days but also for longer periods of time, because it is often rented after arriving at the holiday resort or prefers to arrive with a car other than one’s own to avoid over-consuming it.

Car rental abroad: a mistake not to be made (via YouTube) – Mondofuoristrada

When you travel abroad, especially if you are staying there Europethe procedure for renting a car is not particularly different from the procedure in which it will be carried out ItalyHowever, it is best to deepen the practice in such a way as to avoid major inconveniences with small omissions. Above all, it is young people who choose to rent a car when they are on holiday abroad and their inexperience can mislead them about the comfort that is obtained with the car on a temporary basis.

Ordering a lease – which regulates normal and extraordinary management costs – in the national territory, allows you to arrange all the details without having to put in numerous insurances and clauses. Moreover, for a rented car, the same rule applies as for an owned car: it makes no difference whether the person who signed the contract drives it, a friend, family member, acquaintance, etc … Especially on holidays it is customary to take shifts at the wheel to avoid tiring one person too much. But what happens if the rent is done abroad? The situation changes.

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Car Rental There’s a Mistake You Shouldn’t Do Abroad: The Essential Details

When crossing the Italian border, in the case of renting a car, you have to take into account that there are many differences. The basic rule that unites this practice is to check the condition of the vehicle, both inside and out. You need to be sure of the condition it’s in as well as the workings of the engine and mechanics in general. However, the big difference was found after the contract was signed.

A mistake not to be made when renting a car abroad
Rules for car rental abroad (Youtube) – mondofuoristrada

In general, in fact, abroad for rent There is no possibility to change the driver. The person who signs the agreement must also be the one who will drive the vehicle. Passengers will remain passengers only for the duration of the flight. Anyone who pays the agreed amount is required to take charge of the wheel without being able to abdicate. This detail should not be underestimated because if the police force stops the car for a check and the pre-specified person is not driving the vehicle, you risk heavy fines or even worse penalties.


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