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Escherichia coli, and cheese from a well-known Italian brand is called: be careful

Escherichia coli, and cheese from a well-known Italian brand is called: be careful

New communication regarding the recall of a batch of cheese due to possible contamination by E. coli dates back a short time. Below are all the details posted on the form just mentioned on the Ministry of Health website.

New talk has arrived regarding a recall of a batch of cheese from a well-known Italian brand due to possible contamination Escherichia coli. In particular, it is a file Call for microbiological hazards: We talk about microbiological risks, in fact, when we suspect contamination by a bacteriafrom virus or on the other hand pathogen. And in fact, Escherichia coli is A Gram negative bacteriaWhich can pollute the water, and thus pollute plants and animals. In particular, it can be found mainly in raw meat and meat derivatives such as milk, cheese, and fruits.

Although E. coli bacteria are commonly found in the human intestinal flora, eating food contaminated with the latter can lead to intestinal diseases And even in some cases outside the intestine. The site also explains Humanitas.itThe most common symptoms of Escherichia infection are nausea, vomiting, and intestinal cramps. In some cases, fortunately, infections and diseases such as Meningitis and the Pneumonia.

Cheese: All the details on E. coli withdrawal

Below, we’ll be posting all the details of the latest microbiological risk recall for a batch of cheese for a well-known Italian brand. In particular, the brand isBarefootwhile the product in question isFormagella from Scalf Valley“.The name or name of the OSA (food sector operator) under whose name the product is marketed.”Social Mountain Dairy for Scalve Soc. Agr. barn.“, which is also the name of the manufacturer. The factory/manufacturer identification tag is “ITCE 03304while the production plant is located in Vilminor by Scalvein the province of Bergamo, and exactly in Via Provinciale – Frase. Production batch number 150523.

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The recall just published by the Ministry of Health.

The expiry date of the packages belonging to the above batch is specified in November 15, 2023while the selling unit is the weight of one cheese 1.3 kg. We said the reason for the recall was the presence of Escherichia coli, the tea’s producerShiga senna (STEC) in 25g. Operators warn consumers not to return packages belonging to the above group to the point of purchase or to the official point of sale. Below, you can also read the data on a previous recall of another batch of cheese due to microbiological hazards, this time for possible cross-contamination. Listeria monocytogenes.

A recall of a quantity of cheese from another brand dating back to August 3, 2023.

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