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Reactions to Whatsapp messages, these and other upcoming new features

Reactions to Whatsapp messages, these and other upcoming new features

What are the major changes coming: We have feedback on Whatsapp messages and much more for the Zuckerberg app.

Screenshot of a smartphone and Whatsapp icon (Pixabay)

Reactions to Whatsapp messages, private smileys arrived to make our interlocutors understand whether or not we appreciated what they wrote to us in a private conversation or in a group. Emojis as they are called are six at the moment. what is he talking about? have:

  • raise your thumb;
  • little red heart
  • smiling face, enjoying tears;
  • sad face;
  • surprised face
  • folding of hands as a sign of thanks or prayer;

Very soon, their introduction will be in effect with a certain update. This should happen in days. Reactions to Whatsapp messages can be entered after selecting a particular message. By holding down the same, the possibility will appear to choose the reactions on Whatsapp messages to include if necessary.

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Reactions to Whatsapp messages, but not only: what are the other introductions

We’re definitely not talking about who knows any news, if we consider Facebook and Messenger, where emojis have been around for at least six years already. It was 2016 when they showed up at those beaches. But now they have come to the “cousin” application, or rather Whatsapp, which together with Facebook and Instagram makes up the Meta Galaxy.

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Meanwhile, there has also appeared in Whatsapp the functionality with which you can initiate group calls that can include up to a maximum of thirty-two users. And there’s more: the ability to transfer files of any type is also active, even a file Maximum weight 2 GB. Previously, the limit was set to 100MB. For groups, there is a maximum number of participants 512 people.

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All these updates in Whatsapp have the task of ensuring that the green application continues to maintain precedence in comparison Direct competitor Telegram. The latter continues to make converts and grind new users, thanks to the simplicity and immediacy of the possibilities available. But Whatsapp does not intend to give up the wandAnd many other updates are planned during the year to be able to improve further.