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Diablo 4: 1.1.1 patch will include Wizard and Barbarian buffs, lower CRS

Diablo 4: 1.1.1 patch will include Wizard and Barbarian buffs, lower CRS

Blizzard developers are already working on the next one Patches 1.1.1 to Diablo 4which will arrive within the next two weeks, barring unforeseen events, bringing with it some interesting news.

After making a mea culpa patch 1.1.0, which players considered a real disaster in all areas, the Blizzard developers promised in a recent live broadcast that a new update would arrive with various changes, and we hope that it will be more appreciated. The main goal is to introduce the gods Buff for the Barbarian and Spellcaster classestwo of the most vulnerable software with the previous update.

What’s new in Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.1

Monster density will also increase in Nightmare’s Journeys and during Hell’s Tide Add a card in the shared inventoryWhich basically means more space to store your loot.

That’s not all, because the maximum amount of elixir will be raised to 99, which isThe experience gained will be adjusted between level 50 and 100 In order to facilitate character leveling and also Respec costs will be reduced by 40%, which is good news for those who like to change their build often.

These aren’t the only changes planned, with more details being revealed Friday 28 Julyduring a new livestream organized by the Blizzard team.

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