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Rain masses in the northwest and the Tyrrhenian Sea, then high temperatures

Rain masses in the northwest and the Tyrrhenian Sea, then high temperatures

after Train rain over Italy. The “rainy mess” that hits the Iberian Peninsula will only leave Belle Paese with crumbs.

between the next night and tomorrow Monday 14 MarchSomething from the sky must fall In the northwest, on the upper part of the Tyrrhenian Seabut it will only be one A fleeting appearance, rainy on the plains and snowy on the respective hills.

The first map shows the total expected precipitation in Italy for a day Monday 14 March:

Some Beovasco is expected to be between Liguria and Tuscany, northern Lazio and eastern Sardinia. drizzle or light rain also on Dry Plains of PiedmontWith ice On the above concerned notes I 700-800m. Precipitation will be relatively more uniform In the Ligurian Alps (about 10-15 cm of snow) and in the Cuneo region.

In all other regions, scattered clouds, dryness and weather Gradually increase the temperature.

starting from Tuesday 15th to Thursday 17th March at leastAnd the The situation in Italy will be as follows:

African currents are very moderate in Italy with Good weather practically everywhere. There will be cloud cover only in Sardinia and in the northwest without precipitation. spring temperatures All over Italy.

Always check predictions Detailed and specific to your cityAnd the continuously updated:
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