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Moon research and tourism, one project for China


China is continuing its ambitious development plans with regard to space, the moon and Mars, a series of projects that, if implemented, will undoubtedly represent very important and prestigious goals that have been achieved.

China and Aerospace, 3/13/2022 –

The first goal of the Chinese space agency will be to complete Tiangong CSS, the Chinese space stationplanned at the International Lunar Research Base, as well as returning rock samples from Mars to Earth.

China and Aerospace, 3/13/2022 -
China and Aerospace, 3/13/2022 –

China’s occupation of space and the moon: upcoming missions


As recalls, these are ambitious goals because the Chinese have already completed them Without any outside cooperation. At the same time, Beijing is looking forward to space tourism, Also recently did private agencies like SpaceX, Axiom Space and Blue Origin, just to name the most famous. Coming back to CSS, it will likely be finished by the end of this year, 2022, and Zhou Jianping, head of China’s human space program, did not rule out in a recent interview that the station might also host astronauts in the future. Aliens, starting with Roscomos, the Russian Space Agency. There will also be space on board private astronauts So are payloads that are always privately derived. With regard to space tourism, the first sub-orbital launch vehicle was presented last summer, during August 2021, and development is ongoing, and according to information, it should be completed by 2022. Launches that will only start from 2025.

The vehicle can accommodate a maximum of seven people, and it will reach an altitude of 100 km and remain in orbit for about 3-5 minutes. In the Chinese home, then you look at Missions after the change ‘-5 Regarding the Moon which will have the purpose of “paving the way – writes – ​​to the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS)”. Chang’e-6 has already been planned and will cover the landing site, and there is debate over whether to choose the famous dark side of the moon, The far side of the moon, or near the south pole of the moon. It will be a backup mission, very similar to the fifth mission, whose goal will be Collect samples from our satellite and bring them back to earth. On the other hand, Chang’e-7 will be used for research traces of water ice On the moon, but also to search for raw materials and have a scientific and technical basis for ILRS. Finally, China aims to bring the gods back to Earth Rock samples from another planet Before NASA and the European Space Agency and this will be the first time ever. And if this article bothers you, let us leave you a series of interesting books on China, For sale on amazon.

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