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Space: Construction of China’s space station begins – Xinhua News

Editorial responsibility of Xinhua News Agency.

(XINHUA) – BEIJING, March 12 – Construction work on the central unit of China’s Tiangong space station is underway regularly. This was announced yesterday by the Chinese Manned Space Agency (CMSA).

The latter said that the astronauts on the Shenzhou-13 mission, who are currently working on the project, are all in good condition, adding that a return to Earth is scheduled for April.

CMSA also determined that key technologies for building the space station have been fully validated and that subsequent missions are on track to make solid progress. As for the crew members who will carry out the other two tasks during the construction phase, they have been selected and are currently undergoing training.

The construction of a space station for large-scale and long-term manned missions is the third step in the ‘three-stage’ development strategy of China’s manned space mission project, at the same time, since 2021, the country has successfully carried out five flight missions in the key technology verification stage.

In 2022, China plans to launch the experimental Wentian and Mengtian units, the Shenzhou manned spacecraft and the cargo spacecraft, as well as complete the in-orbit construction of its space station and the construction of a national space laboratory, operating in orbit on a permanent basis, Cmsa added.

Meanwhile, the eastern country continues its research on key technologies for a human lunar landing project. (XINHUA)

Editorial responsibility of Xinhua News Agency.