Friday, July 19, 2024

Race against time to vote


The quandary is related to the value on which compensation will be calculated for companies that will not receive renewal after years of activity, bidding will start from 2023. The government has introduced the “remaining” value to make it clear that it is a consumption assessment network, a solution that does not fit Lega and Forza Italia.

It appears that equilibrium has been found on the reasons why municipalities have an exception of up to one year for tenders, until December 31, 2024. Not on compensation. Deputy Minister of Economic Development Gilberto Piccito (FI), who on Tuesday presented the government’s latest mediation proposal to the majority, tried to fix the text with at least as many copies within twenty-four hours. Piccito expects an agreement to be reached in time. Once the new text is ready, another majority meeting will be needed on Thursday early in the morning, if not at night. And then the opinion of the Budget Committee.

Meanwhile, a day for comparisons wasn’t enough, and in vain was Leu Senator Vasco Errani trying to convince his FI and Lega colleagues of the opportunity to look at net depreciation. Massimo Malegni, the former service provider, warned as the commission shut down work in the evening after it approved various other articles for a key metric for the NRP programme. These also include concessions for the distribution of natural gas, where compensation to local authorities is calculated strictly on the “residual value”.

“But for beaches, that’s another thing, there are investments that have been approved without restrictions by local authorities,” noted Mallegni, who has always been posted in defense of bathing facilities. which, together with the trade unions, challenged in these hours the solution pursued by the government, addressed by the European directive Bolkestein and the subsequent sentence which the Council of State recognized in November that the existing concessions are valid until the end of next year and not, as extended by the First Count, until 2033 .

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The FdI’s blitzkrieg campaign against this sentence also failed: the Constitutional Court declared the appeal of seven parliamentarians led by Riccardo Zuconi “inadmissible”, according to which the Council of State had bypassed Parliament. According to the advisor, there is “a lack of legitimacy for applicants to assert privileges not for themselves, but rather the privileges of the room to which they belong”.

The game on the competition bill (which will live in the room an equally tense second half, the league asking for a snippet of the taxi law), is politically entwined with the financial mandate game. After various delays, the hearing was again set for 20 June. However, before the procedure can be resumed in the Finance Committee, a majority meeting will be needed to ratify the new agreement: the mediation on land registration established by Palazzo Chigi will be combined with Lega and FI, with the changes required by other groups.


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