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Banca d'Alba met third grade schools in Bra and Santa Vittoria on the topic of savings.  -

Banca d’Alba met third grade schools in Bra and Santa Vittoria on the topic of savings. –

Wednesday, May 25, at the Teatro Politeama Boglione in Bra, Alba Bank met the third grade of bra Based on Santa Vitoria de Alba For a moment sharing the savings.

Banca d’Alba suggested a theater show created especially for children of this age, believing that it was the best time to start providing food for thought about the importance of money and its responsible use.

The first part of the show brought back the history of money, from barter to credit cards, showing what over the centuries has changed the ways of exchange and payment for goods and products.

As for the second part, it suggested the scene of the king marrying his daughter to the knight of the kingdom, who was able to make the best coins given to him.

Next, a double interview video was shown with two different characters: the waster and the thrifty, to highlight the virtuous attitudes to follow.

In closing, Banca d’Alba paid tribute to all classes with a multi-box game created especially for the occasion, where students will be able to find fun table activities focused on the theme of thrift.

Head of Banca d’Alba, Tino Cornaglia: “Banca d’Alba invests heavily in youth; These social activities have always been in our collaborative nature, we want to practice active citizenship in the area and try to add value for all age groups, especially the younger ones. Their smile and enthusiasm at the end of the show convince us even more of the activity we do with the schools.”

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