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Bonus of 200 euros salary check

Bonus of 200 euros salary check

When will the bonus of 200 euros for employees, retirees, the unemployed and the self-employed (with an income of less than 35,000 euros) arrive? Perhaps the answer, at least in relation to the first three categories, is already known to many readers: in the month of July. today is It explains in more detail what can be the day when the one-time contribution will actually be disbursed to the beneficiaries’ current account. Starting with retirees. The bonus will be given to all holders of a Social Security check with an annual income not exceeding 35,000 euros. There is talk of an audience of about 13.7 million people. The credit should take place in July, although there is still a margin of uncertainty regarding the timing.

Retirees bonus in July

Since the end of the state of emergency on March 31, 2022, Poste Italiane has announced that the calendar of regular pension payments has been restored from the first day of the month. Thus, those who withdraw their pension from a credit institution or Postamat office will be able to put the bonus in their pocket as early as July 1 (which falls on Friday and is therefore a “fundable” day), if the credit instead of That through the post office and you are among those who draw their pension at the counter, you will have to respect the alphabetical shifts posted outside each post office (and therefore wait your turn). In addition to the bonus of €200, pensioners with at least 64 years of age and individual income less than 1.5 times the minimum pension amount (525.38 €) will receive the fourteenth pension in July, the amount of which varies from 437 to 655 € depending on contributions paid .

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Holders of Social Security or unemployment benefit

We come to the unemployed. The bonus in this case is due to those who hold citizenship income or receive unemployment allowance (Naspi, Dis-Coll, etc.). The benefit will be paid directly by the INPS and also in this case (except for any delay), the payment must be scheduled for July. The same applies to those with income from citizenship: although there is no “official” date at the moment, everything indicates that the bonus will be paid with the first payment starting in July. However, certainty will only be achieved when the timing is determined in black and white.

€200 bonus for workers

Finally the workers. In this case, employers will have to automatically recognize the bonus to their employees, and subsequently receive a state exemption (obviously equal to what was expected). However, there will be a refund. “It’s not that employers expect the contribution and then don’t review it for a year, it’s that it gets taken back in the first tax payment,” Prime Minister Mario Draghi explained. Regarding payment dates, what was said earlier applies: the bonus will be paid with the paycheck for July, even if the due date in this particular case will not be the same for everyone but will depend on the individual companies.

For domestic helpers and caregivers, INPS should be responsible for requests: Benefits will likely be paid in a manner similar to those used in 2020 for the Covid emergency reward. There is also uncertainty about the self-employed: it is known until now that a special fund will be created and the details will be determined by decree. It is reasonable to expect the maturity to arrive in July as well in this case.

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How to calculate the threshold of 35 thousand euros

Finally, it should be noted that for calculating the minimum amount of 35 thousand euros, income of any kind is taken into account (including those exempt from tax, subject to withholding tax or alternative tax), while the income of the apartment house and its annexes, as well as compensation End of service and arrears subject to separate taxes, family unit allowance, family allowances and the single universal allowance. The €200 bonus does not constitute income for tax purposes, cannot be transferred, forfeited or withheld and does not constitute income for tax purposes or for the purposes of paying social security and welfare benefits.