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Qatargate, the third man is Cozzolino.  Giorgi admits the existence of a plot between Qatar and Morocco

Qatargate, the third man is Cozzolino. Giorgi admits the existence of a plot between Qatar and Morocco

According to rumors reported instead by the Greek station Mega TV, and published by the German information site, the Belgian investigators investigating the Qatargate case will have them in their sights. More than 60 members of the European ParliamentMost of them belong to the Community of Socialists and Democrats, the European People’s Party and the “left parties”. The aim of the alleged corruption is positive or softer attitudes toward Qatar.

Meloni: “Devastated Milestones, Full Illumination”

In Italy, the latest developments in the Belgian investigation are still in focus today. “The scenario is objectively disturbing, and the news received tells us something we would never have imagined,” notes the prime minister. Georgia MeloniCommenting on the “Qatargate” scandal on the sidelines of the European Council meetings in Brussels. I believe that in the face of events of this kind, the reaction is very important, and it must be firm and decisive. We must go all the way and no deductions must be made. He stressed once again that the credibility of the Union, of our countries, depends on that, expressing his hope that there will be a discussion on this issue during the meeting of the Council of the European Union. “We will ask for full light on what is happening, because the features are very devastating.”concludes the Prime Minister.

Qatargate and Metsola: “Let’s not hide the dust under the rug”

Metsola: “No impunity, we are not for sale”

The hope of the Italian Prime Minister is echoed by the President of the European Parliament, Roberta MetsolaHe who waits to understand the point of the investigation’s breakdown returns to repeat a clear political message: “There will be no impunity, and we will not sweep the dust under the rug.” He continued that the European Council today will also discuss “the accusations against the European Parliament, which are a blow to democracy and everything we have worked for for many years. It takes many years to build trust, but a moment is enough to destroy it.” “Not business as usual: I will do everything in my power to restore the House of Democracy’s standing as a legislator, as an institution that makes decisions, which is transparent and which is not for sale to foreign actors who seek to undermine us,” he concludes.

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On 14 December, the Council Chamber of the Brussels Court of First Instance confirmed the preventive detention of Francesco Giorgi and Pierantonio Panzieri. Nicolo Vega Talamanca remains “equally held,” but in electronic bracelet fashion. Instead, Eva Kaili, former vice-president of the European Union Parliament, will appear in the Council Chamber on 22 December.