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At the beginning of Pope Francis’ Mass at Sainte-Anne-de-Beauper National Shrine of Canada, a group of Aboriginal people raised a banner in front of the altar with the inscription “Violation of the doctrine of “abolition of doctrine”. Then the security men raised the banner, without special resistance from the protesters who left, and without moments of severe disturbance.

With the “Abolition of the Creed” (Abolition of the Creed) banner, first raised in front of the papal mass altar and then still displayed outside the Canadian National Shrine of Saint Anne de Beaupre, groups of Aboriginal people vie for Pope Francis Lane, Although apologizing to the natives for the atrocities in Catholic boarding schools and the politics of assimilation, he has yet to disavow the doctrine of discovery, The ordinances issued by the Church in past centuries that allowed colonial powers to invade American and African lands and subjugate and enslave their inhabitants.

Pope Francis, on the fifth and penultimate day of his trip to Canada, celebrated Mass at Sainte-Anne-de-Beauper National Shrine, 30 km from Quebec City.Today, the Mass is celebrated. The Church of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, located in the commune of the same name, along the Saint Lawrence River, is the oldest pilgrimage site in North America. The church, which has been declared a national shrine, receives nearly a million visitors each year. Named after Santana, the patron saint of the Canadian province, the first church was built in 1658 to house a miraculous statue of the saint, then was expanded and renovated several times. In 1922, the building was destroyed by a fire fire and construction of the current structure began in the 1920s on a project by Parisian architect Maxime Rosen, and was officially dedicated in 1976 by Cardinal Maurice Roy. The story tells that one of the early church builders, in the 17th century, had severe scoliosis, at the end of the construction work was able to recover and walk without crutches. Soon, the church became for the original settlers and converts, a pilgrimage destination and a place of miraculous healing. Many visitors today commemorate this miracle by leaving a crutch on the front door. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also attended a mass at the campus.

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