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Never wash your car if you go on vacation to this country that Italians love so much |  They will impose a fine of 3,000 euros on you

Never wash your car if you go on vacation to this country that Italians love so much | They will impose a fine of 3,000 euros on you

Washing a car should be a pleasure, more than anything else for a dual concept of beauty and health: but there are also contraindications.

As a general rule, anyone who has a car, especially a new one, must have a certain qualification to caution In managing it, taking care of it, and in itHandle with caution.

After all, he is one of Greater investments This can be done economically – especially in these times – as well as emotionally.

Sometimes to be able to buy uIn cars people make huge sacrifices, Economic planning that lasts for years, and you work hard and tired to obtain it.

What's the point of doing all this then to find ourselves? Dirty car? Obviously, it is inevitable that a car will get dirty in different parts while on the road: e It is up to us to intervene.

You can't wash your car here – it's all true

We basically have two ways of working: to take the car to a professional, at one of the various car wash facilities, or to do everything ourselves, using the do-it-yourself method. After all, with one exception A box of soap, sponge and strength, All you need is from water, right? Yes, that's exactly the point. Because there are places, and one place in particular, where you can't do that.

Yes, it's all true: washing a car won't be easy: what's more, in a place where Italians really love to vacation, with… Exciting danger, if you get caught doing it. any? This comes with a very high fine of up to 3,000 euros. But where will this place be and why? Can't you wash help?

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Here they charge you a fine if you wash your car

We are talking, although few people know it, about Catalonia in Spain. The reason will be the strong one drought Which the region has been experiencing for some time: for this reason, there are also up to 3 thousand euros For violators who do not strictly respect the necessary conditions under which action can be taken.

Alerts for low water resources in spain and catalonia, You have led to this kind of initiative and it would always be better to educate yourself before acting in this way. After all, drought is a problem unfortunately common to many countries and territories, and it is clear that this is an official statement Global climate crisis.