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EU Mazzette, Eva Kaili's defense: "I have nothing to do with money. When I saw them at home, I told my dad to take them away"

EU Mazzette, Eva Kaili’s defense: “I have nothing to do with money. When I saw them at home, I told my dad to take them away”

She claims she has nothing to do with Anna 750 thousand euros Find coins while searching. In fact, when he saw the money, he immediately asked what They left the houseAnd the father took it upon himself to do so. This is the line of defense for Eve KayleeThe former vice president of the European Parliament is under investigation in a bribery scandal from Qatar and Morocco that is rocking European institutions. The Greek MEP again claims her innocence through her lawyer, while in the meantime her companion is being released from prison Francesco Giorgi He admitted that he is the one who manages the money of Qatar and Morocco. and asked Release by Kaili. They are both in prison in Belgium with Antonio Panziriconsidered by investigators to be the great operator of Bribes round It was distributed by the Gulf emirate, which led to allegations criminal associationAnd the corruption And the Recycling Transfer by a federal prosecutor.

“I will not become iphigeniaMake it known Kaylee. She doesn’t want to end up like a daughter Agamemnon Based on Clytemnestra which comes in greek myth Immolate. “Kylie had nothing to do with the money that was found, except that she was herself in the house where the money was found,” she said today. Michaelis Dimitracopouloslawyer of Greece and her family, on Greek TV ANT1. “All of Ms. Kylie’s actions and initiatives have been approved by the European Parliament. It was not personal agenda Kylie, everything was a political decision by the European Council and the European Commission and not just by the European Parliament and Ms Metsola,” Dimitracopoulos.

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However, the most sensitive passage concerned the vast amount of money, all of which were denominations Twenty and fifty eurosFound while searching. from 750 thousand euros, 600 thousand euros They were in one suitcase in possession the fatherThe rest is at Kyle’s house. However, the lawyer absolves him of responsibility for his partner Francesco Giorgi: “He confirms what Mrs. Cayley says about the money: everything happened in those hours, when Cayley saw the money, he didn’t have it.” Convincing answer on them the origin He immediately demanded that A.A Money left home. His father took the responsibility To be the postman, because he wasn’t there no body elseCayley, through his lawyer, finally showed understanding for his dismissal as Vice-President of the European Parliament: “If I were President, I would do the same thing until the case This will not be explained“.

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Panziri and the Moroccan diplomat at the center of the investigation into European Union bribery. In 2012 he took up the celebration of Unity Day and said: “Europe funds North African countries.”

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