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Putin, six Russian ships were seized.  "They stole Ukrainian wheat"

Putin, six Russian ships were seized. “They stole Ukrainian wheat”

Shevchenkov District Court Kyiv caught in absentia Six Russian shipswhich could have been used by an army put it in for transportation Ukrainian wheat stolen from passengers. According to the prosecutor of the Ukrainian court, and what the information site “Black Sea” reported, these are the ships: “Amur-2501”, “Alexander Green”, “M. Andreev”, “Fyodor”, “S. Konstantin “and” Captain Corchin. The detention was imposed in the context of criminal proceedings initiated on the grounds of violating entry orders into the temporarily occupied territories.

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“Ships flying the Russian flag are systematically taking illegal actions against the closed commercial port of Sevastopol, transporting Ukrainian grain to third countries. Therefore, the Crimea is used by the Russian Federation as a bridge for the illegal transportation of grain stolen from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, ”said the Prosecutor General’s Office. A preliminary investigation is being conducted by the Ukrainian Security Service of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Previously, and as part of this The action, other ships were seized: “Matros Koshka”, “Matros Pozynich”, “Mikhail Nenashev”, under the Russian flag; the Syrian boat “Phenicia”; and the Russian captains Matros Pozynich and Mikhail Nenashev.

In July 2014, Ukraine officially stopped operating all ports in the occupied territories of Crimea and Sevastopol, closed to international shipping. Law enforcement officials consider that the entry of foreign-flagged ships into the Crimean ports undermines the sovereignty of Ukraine and violates the norms of national legislation, which entails the criminal responsibility of shipowners and ship captains.

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