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PS5 vs PS4/Pro comparison video from Digital Foundry, How does the old generation hold up?  -

PS5 vs PS4/Pro comparison video from Digital Foundry, How does the old generation hold up? –

digital foundry did a job Video comparison of the PS5, PS4 and PS4 Pro versions of Gran Turismo 7. You can watch the video above.

Digital Foundry explains that “Polyphony Digital made three Premium Editions of Gran Turismo 7. Like other first-party games from Sony, the PS4 and Pro versions are mostly identical – regardless of resolution. And since the core engine was built for this generation of hardware, it’s still a pretty cool game – and major improvements to the engine (like dynamic time of day, weather, cloud view, etc.) are making their way into all versions of the game. Comparing the PS4 Pro to the PS5 is almost like comparing a well-scaled PC game from Low/Medium to High/Ultra settings – with the addition of a noticeable increase in resolution. ”

More specifically, it explains – on PS4 Gran Turismo 7 reaches 1080p, while the PS4 Pro’s chess board reaches 1800p. The PS5 instead offers native 4K resolution all the time. Furthermore, the newer console can count on greater graphic clarity and fewer anti-aliasing artifacts. The textures on the PS4 and PS4 Pro are pretty similar, with a few lower-res textures on the base console.

In-game motion blur is applied to PS5 This improves immersion and a sense of speed. On the base PS4 this is missing, but on the PS4 Pro it can be activated by limiting the resolution to 1080p. However, performance is acceptable across all versions, with some drops in each version. In addition, Gran Turismo 7 loads very fast on PS5 (40 to 4 seconds, compared to PS4).

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Finally, we leave you to our review of Gran Turismo 7.