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Profile anomalies that cost too much

Profile anomalies that cost too much

PostePay is a very successful prepaid card and there are countless Italians who are Poste Italiane customers for this service.

In fact, Postepay can be said to be one of Poste Italiane’s greatest successes due to not only the number of users, But also the continuity they’ve used for years. A creative service at its birth but has since evolved and been enriched by many services.

All this interest and all this popularity, however, can also sometimes lead to negative effects. Many Poste Italiane users and in particular the Postepay card have received a call Inform them of an anomaly in the profile.

suspected anomaly

An anomaly that must be corrected simply by updating the data. This message reached many users and many of them got into trouble because of It’s a phishing attempt.

Users are satisfied that Poste Italiane has already contacted them, follow the link in the message but this is a fatal error. In fact, the link does not lead them to the Poste Italiane portal but rather leads them to a platform Which only aims to steal their sensitive data related to Postepay.

Beware of the trap on the card

Customers who have been notified of this anomaly through this SMS immediately try to update the data but obviously This is a very big mistake. The authorities are warning strongly of these messages, which have multiplied in recent months. Even these messages arrive too INPS or Postal Police name. But the police warn that when you receive such a text message, it should be deleted immediately But first of all you should avoid clicking on the link carefully. In fact, the link being sent to us is the true heart of the scam.

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What to do and what to avoid

If we don’t click on the link, we don’t give criminals a chance to steal our data and even our money. If we receive such messages after carefully deleting them, we must also block the number who sent them to us. If we suspect that this connection may have a glimmer in the first place (but this is clearly not the case), it should be Our interest in going to the topic he sent us theoretically to verify its authenticity.