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Production of Mirafiori and Maserati confirmed in Turin

Production of Mirafiori and Maserati confirmed in Turin

Torino will continue production The Maserati and Teksid steel plants in Carmagnola will have a secure future and will operate for the next few years. These confirmations come from the direct meeting held last night between the company and the unions on the programs of the Corso Agnelli plant. From the management of Stellantis, a group owned by Exor which also controls Repubblica through Gedi, confirmations of the planned plans have arrived, dispelling rumors that indicated the Trident brand models had been allocated to some factories in southern Italy. “Stellantis’ new industrial plan for Turin is finally taking shape and guarantees a long-term future for both production plants and research centres,” Says Gianluca Fico, National Secretary of the Uilm in charge of the automotive sector, and Luigi Paoni, Secretary General of the Uilm of Turin.

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By Benjamino Pagliaro

Projects of a green campus that will employ ten thousand people in research and staff positions, a circular economy unit and a new gearbox for hybrid cars, which will employ 500 and 550 people respectively, as well as an oxidation foundry in Carmagnola, which will receive enough production to maintain current employment for the next few years. Coming. Maserati sports cars and the electric Fiat 500 have been confirmed to arrive at the Mirafiori body shop “despite rumors attributing them elsewhere, But it has become official that the future sedan that will succeed the Maserati Quattroporte will be manufactured in Turin.“, say Fico and Paone. They add: “This image also confirms the existence of Stellantis in the distant future and dispels the fears of many advanced parties. We hope that another model will eventually arrive, which would guarantee more job opportunities, but we have not yet received a response from “Management of the company about this.”

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The metalworking unions that signed the contract specifying the Stellantis group confirm that the choice, with the painful agreement of 2021, requires the integration of all production activity in Turin, and the liquidation of the Grugliasco center, “It has allowed us to strengthen the production center in Turin“It is now important that the discussion continues in all locations, from institutional sites to those of individual production units – for example Vico and Pawnee – the transition to electricity will certainly bring difficulties and pitfalls, but we will face them so that we can guarantee stable, safe and adequately paid work.”

In the The future of the Teksid of Carmagnola There is a supply in Cassino of the battery box for the new Maserati Grecale and Ducato in the Pratola Serra, as well as the box for the new Stellantis hybrid gearbox Which will be implemented in Mirafiori starting in February next year. “Positive response from Texed in addressing the difficulties of converting from the internal combustion engine to the electric motor” Q.SOttoline Vismic Consal with Sarah Rinaudo. He adds: “The meeting was positive because it confirms the desire to highlight the Turin region in the perspective of important future work. The Turin hub is clearly strategic for Stellantis. Like any work in progress, we will monitor development carefully. Our goal is for the transition to take place without negative impacts on workers and for this reason we will continue to have ongoing discussions with the company.”

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