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The mall is closed at the end of the year?

The mall is closed at the end of the year?

The last post on the company’s social networks (Facebook and Instagram) dates back to the end of April: from that moment on, nothing more. There are those who read it as a bad omen, and those who go further: second Brescia today, the Freccia Rossa shopping center could close its doors on December 31. Just a hypothesis, or rather “rumours”, but it is supported by a long series of locks and shutters that have now affected the entire shopping center. To name a few, among the newest in chronological order: Fast Food McDonald’s Vodafone store.

Among the shops, the tobacconist, the taverns and the supermarket, there are less than a dozen left: even the web portal of the shopping center is not updated more than it is still open. The food business certainly doesn’t exist anymore, and neither do the big brands. The gallery has also hosted the Covid Vaccination Centre, and the cinema is still open and occupied: the center has been in trouble for some time, but thanks to some services (including free 3-hour parking with purchase) it still holds. Hardcore clients. Even if the concern is shared by those who work for Freccia Rossa.

Company press release

The legitimate question: What future for the shopping center that opened in the center of Brescia in 2008? Still the current owner of Resolute Asset Management Italy srl in spring Has announced the possibility of sale. “After two years into the pandemic – read a press release – the transformation project requires new resources and should be more stable and radical than anticipated in 2019. Thus a path has been set that will lead to the identification of those who will be new investors in the center’s relaunch plan, which She will take care of the structure in its favor which will ensure that Freccia Rossa is positioned on a long-term horizon.”

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