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Presidential election, direct vote: Seven names competing, from Severino to Tragi, to Matterella Biz

Presidential election, direct vote: Seven names competing, from Severino to Tragi, to Matterella Biz

The 13th President of the Republic will be a woman? After six black smokes, the seventh ballot began on Saturday, January 29, at 9:30 p.m. Apparently, if the new head of state is not to be elected (the quorum is set 505 options, Absolute majority) Another is expected at noon, 16.30 p.m. After a frenetic day like yesterday, where failure Elizabeth Castelli, Initiated and burned by Sentato leader Lega de Matteo Salvini, and supported by the Italian brethren and less supported by his party, Come to Italy, Names that compete to win Sergio Matterella, The sixth ballot received a large number of votes (over 300) which was different. But between cross-vetos and fears of an immediate return to the polls, the risk of a new stalemate lies in a corner.

Hypotheses in the field of women and men

Salvini-Conte print, with support Georgia Maloney, Will be in favor of the election Elizabeth Belloni, Led by Italian 007. Considered by the President of the Association “Clever girlThe 5 Star Movement welcomes Peloni with Democrats and Grillo, who also starts a good omen tweet (“Welcome Mrs. Italy, we have been waiting for you for a long time”). However, the Democrats’ position on Peloni seems questionable. On the other hand, Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia (who later declared full autonomy and withdrew himself from Lega and Fly), Italia Viva de Matteo Renzi And Minister Roberto Speranza’s Liberi e Uguali, who he deems inappropriate for the role he currently holds as head of the Secret Service. Possible female alternatives (Conte says there are women “At least two, solid and super components “) They may be a former justice minister Pavla Severino And current Justice Minister Marta Cordobia. The first was unpleasant for Forza Italia, the second was the Pentostello party.

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But it is inevitable that Salvini’s eighteenth announcement will turn out to be a failure. Thus the current Prime Minister is still in the running Sergio Materella, current tenant of Mario Tragi, Pierre Ferdinando Cassini, Giuliano Amado and Guerrero Democratic Party operating name.

Sixth day live broadcast

o9.45 – No cassette during the seventh walk. The leader of the Senate, after yesterday’s blow, was not in the House with President Roberto Figo. It is not excluded that it will come later. Figo also left the presidency benches and handed over the ‘guide’ of the session to one of the vice-chairmen.

09:40 – At the beginning of the seventh ballot. The majority is set at 505.

09:34 – Forza Italia did not vote in favor of the seventh vote. Following the announcement of the 5 Star Movement, we are moving towards a new black smoke. The eighth ballot scheduled for the afternoon will be decisive.

09:24 – Union of centrists pressing for political candidate Pierre Ferdinando Cassini It is worth over 180 voters. At night, the summit between Forza Italia (Antonio Tajani), Udc (Lorenzo Cesa), Noi per l’Italia (Maurizio Lupi) and Coraggio Italia (Giovanni Toti).

09:17 – “Ignore or blank card“These are the signs that a large number of M5s voters have arrived during the joint sitting before 9 am today.

09:07 – Note the words of Enrico Letta on Mattarella Bis’s growing hypothesis: “We will try to find a deal, then there is the wisdom of Parliament, and I believe this is democracy”.

09:05 – Hypothesis Black smoke Salvini has always considered “giving time to shared candidacy” with new blank votes. “The priority is to elect a qualified president as soon as possible. I have one name in my head, or there are three names“.

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09:04 – Salvini, the 13th female president of the Republic, answers the question: “Does a female president of the Republic already have a majority or is it a trust? “No, it’s an omen. I continue to work for this because gender inequality, inequality of treatment, difficulty in being a mother and worker, and the low level of women at the top would all be a beautiful sign of holding conferences. The first state office is to be selected. For the equivalent qualification of being a woman, it would be nice to have the right profile.

09:02 – A. is to meet in Montecitorio Meeting of the majority leaders Agora confirmed the Salvini to Roy 3 microphones over the weekend for the “shared candidacy” and arrived in Montecitorio. The summit is with Conte, Letta, Speranza, Tajani, Totti, Lupi and Chesa.

08:50 – like this Matteo Salvini Upon arrival at Montecitorio: “Would you stay away if there was no shared name at 9.30?” Yes, Random votes will not beautify parliament “.

08:43 – Rose of Enrico Letta’s names. According to Nazarene sources, Secretary Dem explained during the ongoing assembly session with the Democrats’ large electorate: “We discussed many names. Tracy, A Mattarella, தி Cordobia, தி Severino, தி Peloni And others like Amato e Cassini. Discussions began about all these names. Then everyone checked in on their home. He then went on to say about the friction between Forza Italia and former allies of Lega and Fratelli d’Italia: “Today we start again with a method of comparing one more element: The center-right split properly. Politically this is an important point. Our huge hit yesterday morning. Thank you for being the exception in believing the tactic. It was a win, which allowed us to return to the starting square.

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08:41 – “I know what I’m writing,” so the Minister of Economic Development sent Northern League player Giancarlo Giorgi to SkyTg24 before joining Montecitorio.

03:00 – A meeting of the majority parties is scheduled before 9.30 am when voting begins. “I asked the government forces to sit down at a table in the morning because the majority in the Guernsey must not be divided,” Enrico Letta left Montecitorio. In addition, it is necessary to “take into account the novelty” of the talks with Democratic Secretary-General Guerrero regarding “the decision of the Forsa to proceed independently from the other center-right of Italy.”

02:00 – To Maria Elena Bosci, Chairperson of the Italian Viva Allah Camera, Pierferdinando Cassini “It may be a hypothesis. Of course Cassini’s name is an official and strong name. We have always said Cassini and. Tracy They are absolutely strong names and titles Amato The Severino, Names that can be shared and discussed “.

00:30 – “Belloni is not President of the Republic”, Cassell also excludes the head of the Secret Service