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From the International Space Station a breathtaking image of Aetna seen from space

A Russian cosmonaut posted on social media has posted breathtaking photos of a volcano in Italy. Etna started smoking again, even if the situation at the moment, however spotted, was not alarming.

Seeing Earth from the International Space Station –

Too much moisture in the air of Europe“. Anton Shkaplerov wrote on Twitter: “Etna is smoking and spitting lava as I learned from the news. Another volcanic eruption began recently, hot lava spewed out of the crater and clouds of ash and smoke appeared in the sky of Sicily.“.

So the “noise” and the activity of the highest active volcano in the Eurasian plate caught the attention of the crew of the International Space Station. The mission, 66 members currently in orbit, shared some space views of the hyperactive volcano, which has erupted dozens of times in the past year alone.

Volcanic plumes can reach very high altitudes and may affect air movement

Etna Crater 20220222 Tech
Etna Crater –

in the last year Etna Creating many problems for the Sicilians, his activity caused the volcano to grow to a height of 100 feet, about thirty and 30 meters in six months. Help the astronauts monitor natural phenomena such as volcanoes and hurricanes via satellite, and take their own photos of the International Space Station.

Volcanic plumes can reach very high altitudes and may affect air movement, while sulfur dioxide closer to the ground can irritate the human respiratory system and lead to asthma or other respiratory conditions.

according toNASA’s Earth ObservatoryEtna is believed to be a Underwater volcano erupts above sea level after several eruptionsdue to solid lava. The mountain has lava flows on its surface dating back 300,000 years. The volcano ranks among that knowledge shield surrounded by one Stratovolcano. Its height varies over time due to its eruptions causing it to rise or fall.

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Etna It has a rather complex structure due to the formation of many volcanic buildings over time which, however, in many cases subsequently collapsed and were replaced, surrounded or completely covered with new eruptive centers. At least 300 cones and eruptive fractures can be identified in the “modern phase” of the volcano. The area is also at moderate seismic risk due to the tremor caused by the volcano.

four holes peaks Sicily volcano: the chasm and the Boca Novawhich was formed within central hole In 1945 and 1968, respectively, it was Northeast Crater, which has been around since 1911 and southeast of the crater, Which is currently the highest point in Etna. An area characterized by a rich variety of environments that alternate with urban landscapes, dense woods that preserve different endemic plant species with desolate areas covered with volcanic rocks. So this from there they saw the astronauts from International Space Station.