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Premiership, OK for limit of 2 mandates: Majority bonus

Premiership, OK for limit of 2 mandates: Majority bonus

The Senate's Constitutional Affairs Commission has approved the government's amendment to Article 3 of the Constitution's text on the position of Prime Minister, which interferes with Article 92 of the Constitution to directly elect the Prime Minister: the green-lit amendment introduces. A limit of two mandates for an elected Prime Minister, allowing the Head of State to recall ministers on the Prime Minister's proposal and removing the 55% limit on seats as a majority bonus. “The revised amendment, listening to the opposition and the constitutionalists, affected various things – Reforms Minister Elisabetta Casellatti – we removed the 55% limit as majority bonus, contested because it was introduced in the Constitution. Law, and we inform it in the Electoral Law. We have empowered the Prime Minister through the President to appoint and dismiss ministers, So we have increased the power of the head of state, who does not have the power of impeachment. We have introduced a range of mandates, except for the third one, if the previous two mandates are not fulfilled. Also, we have asked to construct a different relationship between the elected prime minister and the second prime minister, and we have implemented this in Article 4.

“On my side and on the side of the government – there was a desire to meet the needs of the opposition parties, now in the discussion of this speech, for a year all the opposition parties, various constitutionalists, trade unions and economic types. We abandoned the direct election of the President, which was part of our plan, as it was not appreciated by the opposition parties and returned to the post of Prime Minister looking defeated. In the course of the work, I hope to have an awareness of the resistance of a conversation I always have and a pitfall to find when debating such an important piece of legislation as the Constitution. To date I have not received any response, I hope these will come as soon as possible.” After the approval of the first reading of the Prime Minister's reform in both houses of Parliament, there is the issue of the Electoral Act, which the majority agreed to discuss: “It was already discussed last week, the need for an Electoral Act and an Electoral Act before a constitutional reform. It was also said that there could not be, because it would cage the debate on reform. That would be stupid.” However, regarding the timing of the Prime Ministership, Casellatti says: “I think that the text will at least finish its journey in the Commission at the end of this month, and then it can go to the Chamber: in any case, the timing is always determined by the parliamentary debate, and it is certainly not the government that imposes it. We are always wide open on this matter as well and we will see how the discussion goes.”

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Pepe Di Cristobaro, group leader of the Green and Left Alliance at Palazzo Madama, “speaks instead of a radical imperative to unbalance the powers of the Republic, which will do a lot of damage to our country's democracy. The confusion of rules, contrary to right-wing propaganda, will not give the prime minister any power because he will be bound by the majority of parties that support him in the future. is a prisoner. To weaken Parliament, to empty the presidency, and to guarantee institutions is to subvert the fundamental principles of our constitutional charter. Italy needs an autocratic turn, something other than a 'bourgeois' republic. Dictatorship without counterweights is so dear to Italian sovereigns that it has no equal in the world. . .a very risky plan.”