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Govt, alarm in United States: Government fears new wave of 100 million cases between fall and winter

Govt, alarm in United States: Government fears new wave of 100 million cases between fall and winter

Here comes the new one Govt alarm Give United States: A new wave could hit the United States between autumn and winter 100 million new cases. These are the predictions of the US government, while Congress is trying to get others to approve them $ 22.5 billion for vaccines, Treatments and tests, however, find opposition from Republicans who insist on a lower number (10 billion). The new wave is linked to the rapid evolution of the virus in the family Omigron (So ​​not a new variant), which will start in the south this summer and then expand to other parts of the country in the fall.

They were in Italy today 40,522 new cases Registration and 133 deaths. In the face of more than 300 thousand processed buffers, including antigenic and molecular, there is a positive ratio 13.3%, It is down 1.3 percentage points compared to yesterday. Covit-19’s epidemic curve data are declining: cases and deaths have been declining over the past week, as well as the pressure on Italian hospitals continues to ease.

However, coming out of the extended statement is worrying Institute of Higher Health, The number of recurrences has increased by 5 percentage points in the last 7 days. The tip of the mask is a barrier to protect against the virus. “The theme is responsible,” he says Roberto Speranza, Minister of Health. “The law I signed is the result of a parliamentary vote and provides for the obligation to wear masks on transport equipment, sports halls, theaters and theaters and all over the world. There is a recommendation in all other areas – Speranza explains to microphones SkyTg24 -. In the workplace, the symptom is the most focused. The protocols in force today, signed by the unions and employers’ associations, indicate that the use of the mask is appropriate. The mask continues to be an important tool in the fight against Govt. ” Govt mortality rate For that Not vaccinated (36 deaths per 100,000 civilians), four times longer than the full cycle of vaccination for 120 days, according to the extended ISS report (9 deaths per 100,000 population) and approximately eight times higher than those vaccinated with the overdose / booster (5 deaths per 100,000 population).

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