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Postal Book Bonus: up to €700 on the invoice

It’s a surprise, a great opportunity offered by the Italian Post Office, to get a richer account. This is the €700 Postal Book Bonus! This is what it is and who the lucky beneficiaries are.

After the astonishing rise in the prices of goods and services, many Italian families are struggling to make it to the end of the month. So an extra bonus can mean a lot. However, in this case, instead of the government or the regions, Poste Italiane steps in by setting up a new bonus for the benefit of its customers. yes! In order to support Italian families, in this particularly dark economic moment, the Poste Italiane unexpectedly intervenes with the so-called Bonus Libretto Postale. The new Poste Italiane bonus can bring up to 700 euros in the pockets of those involved. Let’s see in detail how the postal book bonus works and how you can use it.

zip book bonus

In the past few days, there has been talk of nothing but a €700 bonus that Poste Italiane has offered to its customers. Let’s see in detail what this bonus consists of and what are the requirements for obtaining it.

Let’s start by saying that the reward for the postal book is related to the product called the smart postal book, that is, the technological development of the classic postal book.

Well, Poste Italiane offers smart insurance for brochure card holders of up to 700 euros in case the money is stolen after withdrawing it. Basically, Poste Italiane will compensate the victim of theft with an amount of up to 700 euros, provided that the theft occurred within 48 hours of withdrawal.

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The service is reserved for brochure card holders who have their pension credited to their account. Therefore, to take advantage of this interesting guarantee, it is necessary to respect three basic requirements.

In order to receive the Postal Book Reward, you must first of all be Smart brochure holders. Moreover, it is necessary retirement And the The pension is entered in the brochure. You must submit a request for a warranty directly to your post office. In this way, all holders of the postal book in which the pension is deposited can take advantage of this free insurance against money theft.

Set a reward of 700 euros
Reward 700 euros

In short, it is a really good initiative and a more than welcome concern of Poste Italiane towards its customers, above all, at a particularly sensitive economic and social moment.