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Black hole evolution and properties are being studied

the Union is strength. A new and intense monitoring campaign by INAIF, INFN and ASI included 19 observers from Earth and from space to understand the evolution of a black hole, that massive celestial body with a gravitational field so intense that it does not allow matter, electromagnetic radiation, nor light.

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The National Institute of Astrophysics, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) and the Italian Space Agency (ASI) And many Italian universities united to give an unprecedented view of the test Einstein’s theory of general relativity: The interaction of gravity is no longer understood as an action at a distance between massive bodies, but an effect of a physical law that links the curvature of spacetime to the distribution and flow of mass, energy, and momentum in it.

Space, black hole evolution: M87 is a hotbed of new results whatsoever

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Deep space (Adobe Stock)

In this global watch campaign, the National Institute of Astrophysics is playing a leading role once again“. Lyrics Filippo Zerby On data between late March and mid-April 2017 from 760 scientists and engineers from nearly 200 institutions and 32 states, using 19 observers.

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Some of our observers had a responsibility to coordinate and organize the vast amount of data collected, to make it usable by the scientific community. – The scientific director of the INIF Institute continues – Our tools and scientific tech partnerships have been crucial in investigating the M87’s supermassive black hole with an exceptional level of detail“.

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From the data that appeared, toThe intensity of the electromagnetic radiation produced by the material surrounding the black hole was the weakest intensity ever recordedBest chance to study it. And it might overcome obstacles related to the material orbiting the black hole, which washed it away in the form of jets.

Understanding the mechanisms of cosmic radiation production has long been one of the mysteries INFN is trying to answer“. Oliviero Cremonese Interesting prospects seem to be:M87 is a hotbed of new results ever – The head of the INFN Scientific Committee on Astro-Particle Physics continues – The contributions of high-energy radiation monitoring are important to studying jets of matter originating from a black hole that span thousands of light-years“.