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Pesaro travels through time and space with exhibitions by Matteo Fatto and Leonardo Petrucci

Pesaro travels through time and space with exhibitions by Matteo Fatto and Leonardo Petrucci

Pesaro – We travel through space and time at the Civic Museums of Pesaro with the two exhibitions opened yesterday that will accompany the Christmas holidays and open the year…

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Bizarro – We travel in space and time Civic Museums in Pesaro With the opening of the two exhibitions yesterday, which will coincide with the Christmas holiday and the opening of the year as the Capital of Culture 2024.

Project room

The room on the ground floor, the “Project Room” of the Palazzo Mosca, given the strong tradition of the region in this area, welcomes the exhibition of Matteo Fato which, after the important solo exhibition in Pescheria, presents a new work: his First exhibition of drawings entitled “The only possible image (after Florelgio).” However, on the mezzanine floor, the exhibition that closes in 2023 and opens in 2024 with an artist who perfectly represents the themes dear to the Capital of Culture dossier: Leonardo Petrucci presents “The Question of Space”, the work of the last ten years of research on topics such as astrology, sacred geometry and all Semi-scientific topics. On the occasion of this exhibition, Fatou presents a series of engravings inspired by the works of other artists (d’après), whose references extend back a long period of time. The graphic production is accompanied by a cycle of associated sculptures. “We are re-proposing Fatto for this unpublished work of his, his first drawing exhibition, which is interesting because Fatto had been studying drawings for many years at the Urbino Academy,” says Marcello Smarelli, director of the Pesaro Museum. “For him, drawings are a way to study the artists he likes, among other things we are talking about artists from the Marche region. As for Petrucci, we were interested in an artist who represented the themes of Pesaro 2024, which are art, nature and technology. The guiding idea behind which this exhibition constitutes a true statement of the Capital of Culture is that works of art can be born from technology inspired by nature.
Leonardo Petrucci explained how the title of his exhibition could in fact be interpreted in multiple ways with multiple interpretations: “There is certainly my interest in astronomy – and therefore physical space – as well as the relationship between chemistry and astronomy which had always existed according to ancient knowledge and then, from the Enlightenment onwards, a division was created I would like to collect it through my work. I liked the idea of ​​continuing the discussion that began with my last exhibition, which was an investigation into time (Once Upon a Time at the Galleria Gilda Lavia in Rome), and continuing it with the other side of the coin of time, which is precisely space. They are two inseparable dimensions, and I like to think of the Bizarro exhibition as a continuation of the journey. “What matters most to me is trying to talk about life as a sacred element, both as life coming from space and also as life leaving our planet.”

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The methodology used is a mediation between traditional and digital drawing from which multimedia installations are born that make use of ancient artisanal knowledge and natural materials (paper, wood, wool, concrete, etc.), mixed with photography and video. This approach is that of the alchemist who transforms matter by constantly putting himself into play, achieving the impossible by creating linguistic and mathematical puzzles. Information: 0721387541.

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