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Antonia Gambacorta, a researcher from Bari (who lives in the USA) received another NASA award


Just three months ago, he received NASA’s award, the 2023 Robert Goddard Honor Award for Exceptional Advancement of Science, in Greenbelt, US, where he has lived for 21 years. but Antonia Gambacorta, 49, was born, raised and graduated in BariHe does not stop here and continues to make all his years of research flourish to contribute to the study of climate change. And so, he came home with another accolade, also earned at Green Belt: «NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Technology Leadership Award 2023»For his efforts in developing satellite remote sensing techniques through hyperspectral measurements of terrestrial radiation in the microwave range, which aims to study climate change.
His innovations and cutting-edge research have been supported by NASA’s Earth Science Technology Office and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


“Antonia’s innovation goes beyond her individual successes as a capable and creative innovator. “It has leveraged multiple programs to incubate new technologies, bringing expertise from around the world to connect to other resources,” said Peter Hughes, chief technology officer at Goddard. “I am deeply moved by this award because it expresses a tremendous sense of camaraderie on the part of all colleagues at NASA Goddard Center who have been part of this flight and to whom I owe my sincere appreciation,” Gambacorta says.

Antonia Gambacorta’s career

Growing up in the Liberta neighborhood of Bari, between the offices of Scacchi High School and “the noise in the squares and the smell of Maltese bakeries and bars,” the researcher was always determined on the path he should take, studying atmospheric physics. After university, America (and NASA) opened the door for her: at the age of 28, Antonia boarded a plane to the USA, where she still lives and works today. But her thoughts always turn to her homeland: “The response I received last summer in Italy for a previous award gave me the opportunity to feel connected to Italy again, representing a touching tribute to my family and friends in Bari for the long-standing support they have given me. He has given me through these years. This award expresses the greatest unity of the two worlds in which I live.” Always in the name of confidence in scientific progress: “Research is essentially an eternal journey, but sometimes it is wonderful to be able to return home.”

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