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Parma gets the UEFA license, the only club in the second division

Parma gets the UEFA license, the only club in the second division

Parma announced through its official channels that the UEFA First Class Licensing Committee, in its meeting yesterday (May 6), after examining the documents produced, decided to issue the UEFA license for the 2022 sports season to the Crusader club. Parma is the only club in the second division to have obtained the license for the next tournament, as are the 17 other clubs of the Italian league.

The meeting was attended, as a member of the Committee, by Dr. Gerardo Longobardi (Chairman), and the Executive Director. Saverio Andreani (Vice President), Arch. Pietro Cerici, Professor Giuseppe Marini, Dr. Luca Buzza, Professor Adriano Benazi.

This is the comment of Parma’s Managing Director, Financial and Supervising Director, Valerio Casagrande: “Acquiring the license of UEFA, as the only club in the second division, represents for Parma Calcio 1913 a reason for satisfaction and a testament to the international standard of excellence. It was not an easy season and the results were not objectively We all hoped for it. Getting a UEFA license again this year has a strong symbolic value for us. It maintains the link with our past of international successes, connects it to our present, and ensures the solidity of our holdings – rooted in the United States but with major investment projects in Italy – and builds a bridge towards The future we hope for and that. We will try to build together.”