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Giro d’Italia, waiting for the Naples stage. Manfredi: “Photos of the city will spread around the world”


Expectations are growing in the city and throughout the metropolitan area for the Naples stage of the Giro d’Italia, promoted by the Metropolitan City, which will take place between the capital and the territory of the municipalities of Pozzuoli, Quarto, Giugliano, Bacoli and Monte of Procida to honor Procida as the Italian capital of culture 2022 and to promote the whole region of Flegra thanks to its driving force.

“Giro enjoys international television coverage in 200 countries, and last year the total global audience was 768 million viewers: images of our beauty will travel around the world with a noticeable impact even in the medium-long term,” said the mayor of Giro. Metropolitan City and Municipality of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi. Live broadcast, route and venues for the public.

With the 105th edition of the Giro d’Italia starting in Budapest, expectations are rising for the stage in Naples, one of the most spectacular in landscapes, which will bring the pink caravan on Saturday 14 May on the roads of the capital and the municipalities of Pozzuoli, Quarto, Giugliano, Bacoli and Monte di Procida.

The objective of the Metropolitan City of Naples, which promoted the event and financially supported it, is to honor Procida, the 2022 Italian Capital of Culture and to promote, thanks to its driving force, the capital of the entire region and Phlegraean in particular.

“The Giro d’Italia represents one of the three most important road cycling races in the world and one of the most followed international sporting events, with international television and digital coverage in 200 countries and as follows on its roads as few countries,” said the Mayor of the Metropolitan and Mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi. other”.

From tiramisu to risotto: Giro d’Italia Bacoli turns pink

by Pascual Recaldo

“The race offers – explained Mayor Manfredi – a great international view of the crossed territory, with a really important tourist and economic impact. In addition to the short-term impact of the stage, with an increase in attendance and supply in the city, and thanks to the proliferation of side initiatives implemented by institutions, associations and themes In particular, what must be emphasized is its impact in the medium and long term: visibility and media coverage lead to a steady increase in tourist demand, thanks to the consolidation and strengthening of the territory and local advantages.”

Pictures of Naples and its beauty, the magnificent Lungomare and its castles, Posillipo proposals, the ruins of the archaeological park, the natural heritage of the Phlegraean fields and Terra del Mito in Pozzuoli, the castle and the submerged archaeological park di Baia, in Bacoli, but also those in lesser known but no less valuable places such as Fescina di Quarto and Lago Patria and the archaeological site of Liternum in Giugliano, which for this occasion will be extraordinarily open, as well as photographs will move the magnificent panorama of the Gulf and the Phlegraean region of Monte di Procida around the world, in one with a narrative of regional excellence.

Giro, in fact, has television coverage covering five continents, with 200 countries connected: last year, the total global audience was 768 million viewers, followed by Belgium and Spain in first and second place, in order, from France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Colombia, Poland and distant Australia.

In Italy, however, the race, again in 2021, recorded an average of two million viewers with a 17.5% share, with a peak of 3.5 million and 27%.

There is also a strong media presence, with 496 journalists and 175 photographers representing 324 international, national and local newspapers, 33 international press offices, 72,000 articles and 119 countries online, with Italy in the lead but closely followed by Colombia and Spain. . , Germany, Netherlands, France, UK, Belgium and more Australia.

Huge digital coverage, with 205 million page views and a social community of 3.6 million users for 521 million social media interactions and 125 million video views.

However, the pink race fascinates enthusiasts, fans and spectators even in the most traditional way: last year, for example, there were 10 million spectators who wanted to watch the caravan pass with the presence of a million people. And 300 spectators under the age of 14, attest that this is an event that also includes the youngest.

Naples stage on TV: Ray 2 of 14 and many more live hours

In Italy, the broadcast will begin at 11.30 on Raisport Hd with “Waiting for the Giro” with in-depth information and introductory interviews. From 12 o’clock there will be space for ‘Prima Direttà’ which will follow the first stages of the stage while from 14.00 there will be a lane on Rai 2 for the final stages, until around 17.30, when the classic continues, again on Rai 2 ‘The Operation in Stage’.

Furthermore, full live coverage on Eurosport 1, Sky channel 210, starting at 1.25pm, broadcast on Discovery Plus, Eurosport Player and Dazn. Live broadcast on Raiplay.


The theater, named after Naples – Naples (Italian capital of culture Procida), is one of what the organizers define as “moving stages”: certainly not, therefore, stages for climbers, but not necessarily intended for moderators and runners. A short stage, only 153 km long, but intense, with a difference in elevation of up to 2130 meters, which may give you some surprises.

The Pink Caravan will leave at 1.30 pm from Piazza del Plebiscito. Technically speaking, the start will start at the Rotonda Diaz, around 13.35. The group will climb the hills of Posillipo and Coroglio, and from Agnano they will continue on the municipality of Pozzuoli towards Solfatara. From there, along Via Consiliare Campana, the athletes will reach Quarto, where they will enter the State Road and then exit Lago Patria along Liternum, in the territory of the municipality of Giugliano, and take the old Via Domitiana. Continuing towards Pozzuoli, the athletes will enter the Phlegraean Peninsula where they will perform a challenging circuit of about 19 kilometers to cross the towns of Pozzuoli, Bacoli and Monte di Procida, to be covered four times. There are two flying finishes, one at km 37.4 near Lake Patria Liternum and the other at km 115.7 in Bacoli, as well as a Class 4 mountain Grand Prix at km 118.7 at Monte de Procida. At the end of the four laps we head back to Naples, on the waterfront at Via Caracciolo, where a small group will likely take victory – around 5.30pm in the final race.

The city prepares to welcome Jiro

The QuartierStage

It will take place in the “Anton Dohrn” Zoological Station and the attached “Darwin-Dohrn” Museum, which was recovered from the restoration of the Casina del Boschetto and opened last December, the seat of the theatre, specified precisely by the organization QuartierTappa, which will not be accessible to the public.

A press room for journalists – accredited by RCS – will be established with 80 workstations, a press office with 15 other workstations, a photo room, a video conference room with the winner on stage and the pink jersey, spaces for director Giro and the broadcaster’s jury, communication service and hotel logistics.

Opening of the village in Plebiscito and access to the Rotonda Diaz: the audience enters the Giro

From the early hours of the morning it will be possible to visit the open village of Giro, which will be created in Piazza del Plebiscito. The podium on which the signing ceremony will take place, the animation stage with PR and hospitality and the commercial village will be installed – inside which will also be a podium where the metropolitan city, the municipality of Naples and all the other municipalities will pass the stage will showcase the excellence of the region – with showcases and other displays. It will also be possible to attend the city’s trophy parade, called “Senza fine”, line up with parachutes and meet the contestants up close.

By the path, which will be pedestrianized for the occasion, and which will pass along the Cesario console, through Caracciolo and the adjacent streets for about one and a half kilometres, you can reach the access area, planned directly via Caracciolo at the height of the Rotunda Diaz.

An exciting atmosphere is also on the finish line, and therefore, where the audience will be able to watch the victory and award the winner, as well as give Giro children’s projects and will be able to enjoy the initiatives of the stage committees and animate the sponsors. The municipal villa will be opened.

Giro – E, a race along the stage and two days at the Mostra d’Oltremare

The cycling competition will be preceded by an advertising caravan that will distribute tools along the track, and by the fourth edition of the Giro-E, a non-competitive electric motor-assisted cycling event that will cover a distance of just 100 kilometres. In particular, for the latter type of bicycle, an exhibition will be created at the Mostra d’Oltremare, which will open on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May, exhibition times, with shows, exhibitions and much more for those who want to approach in this new way, respectful of the environment , to understand mobility.

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