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Parkinson’s Disease. L’Aquila is one of the very few specialized centers in Italy


eagle – Parkinson’s Disease. L’Aquila is among the very few specialized centers in Italy – A high-tech helmet, the ultrasound emission is focused on specific points of the brain, the tremors of which stop instantly while the patient returns to manage the hand movements.

This is the procedure to eliminate Parkinson’s tremor, offered by the L’Aquila Hospital, one of the very few specialized centers in Italy, which today has reached 200 services in 5 years of activity.

The result of a significant, tangible and symbolic impact as a result of corporate management planning led by the manager roman Ferdinand, Which was demonstrated this morning at L’Aquila Hospital, in the Dal Brollo room, in the presence of the senior management of the ASL 1 Abruzzo team.

Interventions, among others, the same director Romanianthe company’s health director Alfonso Masitelliprof alessandra Splendiani, Director of the Department of Neuroradiology, Prof. ernesto De Cesare, Director of the Department of Radiology at the University carmine Marini, Director of the Department of Neurology, Joseph CalvesiDirector of the Services Department, in addition to the medical directors Francesca Pistoia, Alicia Catalucci, Federico Bruno and Monica Anselmi To the representative of Tremori ETS, Luca Savarese. Some patients have testified about the effectiveness of the treatments they underwent at L’Aquila.

Since the activation of the treatment in February 2018 until today, the L’Aquila facility has gradually gained significant visibility on a national and international level, contributed by scientific publications and echoes of important conferences.

Treatment for Parkinson’s tremor, which is covered by the NHS, consists of thalamic surgery using magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS). The treatment is made possible by a team game involving, among others, the neurology department, which selects the patient, and the neuroradiology service, which carries out the procedure.

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The treatment lasts about 3 hours and the patient goes home after a night of observation.

In the past five years, 200 treatments have been carried out at an average of 34 treatments per year, figures that have allowed L’Aquila Hospital to become the most important facility in central Italy and one of the specialized Italian centers with the largest number of cases for patients with Parkinson’s disease (about 50% of all patients treated treat them). There are currently on the waiting list, which has already been selected, 44 patients; Another 60 people are awaiting preoperative clinical and instrumental evaluation. A third of the patients who seek refuge in San Salvatore reside in Abruzzo, while the others come from regions such as Lazio (28.4%), Campania (12.3%), Umbria, Puglia and Marche, as well as from abroad.

“Investing in technological innovation,” the director declares roman Ferdinand, “Treatment of Parkinson’s disease at L’Aquila Hospital is one of the decisive factors to make the health care offer more attractive than ever and to respond to the growing needs of users. Technology, professionalism and organization are the watchwords to propose an increasingly efficient health care model in keeping with the times.”

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