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Health bonus, after this age everything is free: no one expected it |  Who can benefit from it?

Health bonus, after this age everything is free: no one expected it | Who can benefit from it?

Health bonus for seniors – Depositphotos –

After a certain age it is possible to benefit from the health bonus: here is who can benefit from it.

Once you reach a certain age limit, you can enjoy Bonus greeting.

This is a bonus that allows you to take full advantage of your medical expenses freea discussion that also applies to visits.

Specifically, this feature is available to all those who have passed 60 years old age, which underlines how the legislation also pays special attention and above all to the most vulnerable people.

To prevent many citizens from neglecting their health and physical condition, it is envisaged to take measures such as a health bonus.

What is the health bonus for those over sixty?

Once you reach a certain age, you inevitably have to pay great attention to the issue of health, as your pension often does not allow you to easily cope with medical expenses. In this sense, measures related to bonuses and medical benefits are fundamental, with health care costs over the age of 60 practically disappearing. Scale, that Bonus greetingwhich also aims to prevent the emergence of various types of illnesses and diseases and which provides many advantages.

The 60+ healthcare bonus includes the first major benefit which isExemption Who pays the health contribution: Those who have reached the age of 65 and who find themselves with an income of less than 36.151,98 Euros can enjoy free public health care. As mentioned above, this also applies to medical visits as well as to other areas such as those related to laboratory visits and the purchase of medicines. The reward is almost always automatically recognized byRevenue Agencybut it is also possible for this to happen American Sign Language The jurisdiction does not have updated data: in this case the person concerned can submit a request to the latter no later than March 31 of each year.

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Health bonus for seniors - Depositphotos -
Health bonus for seniors – Depositphotos –

Health bonus for those over 60: exemption from emergency room tickets

Who arrived at 65 Years of age are also exempt from paying First aid ticketThe cost for people with a white code is 25 euros. Anyone who could benefit from the health bonus does not have to pay this ticket, with an exemption also being given to those under 14 years of age.

to'Exemption from first aid tickets It only requires a demographic requirement, which is why income issues should not be taken into consideration in this case. In order for a person to be able to enjoy it, he simply must show an identity document proving his age.