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Previsioni meteo per il weekend

On the weekend we see a development between Saturday 12 and Sunday 13; Latest Updates »

Weather: Weekend, there is a turn between Saturday 12 and Sunday 13; Latest updates

Weekend weather forecastAn important weather update for the next update has just arrived weekend: If everything is confirmed, it will be a real development for Saturday 12 And the Sunday 13 will be configured winter progress Meanwhile, it will give us a bit of a slap in the face for the fantasies of warmth that this week’s Novimbrata has been waiting for.

Widen our eyes to all European chessboard, we can see how in the next few days there will be two people from the atmosphere of the battle: on the one hand, Wide anti-eddy field firmly in place in Western Europe And the, in the East Cooler and more unstable streams ready to stretch reach our country.

only in context Saturday 12 November expect turbulent fast traffic Due to the entry of cold air at high altitudes (technically a cold drop) from northeastern Europe, currents that would greatly destabilize the atmosphere in many of our regions. Perhaps the conflict that will arise in favor of Precipitation also with the reverse characterfirst in the center and in the south and then also in a part of the north, if possible Snow return It reaches a height of about 1000 meters.

Sunday 13 Upheaval is still possible in the northwest with covered skies and fresh snowfall in the midwest of the Alps, with crusts, however, over 1300/1400m in height. However, in other places, we will have greater atmospheric stability with brighter periods, in a semi-winter climate. In fact, the Cold flashes from the northern quarters In most sectors ready for a significant drop in temperatures.

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We will see if this trend will be confirmed in the coming days or if there will be new volatility at this strange start of November.

The essence of cold air is on its way to Italy this coming weekendThe essence of cold air is on its way to Italy this coming weekend