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T-space X MAO, a joyful and experimental space at the Museum of Oriental Art in Turin

T-space X MAO, a joyful and experimental space at the Museum of Oriental Art in Turin

Museum of Oriental Art in Turin Recently opened new t-space X MAO, a joyful and experimental space, Edited by Julia Sprevico Wu Rui.

part of the new phase, #MAOTempoPresentewhich marks the opening of the Museum to artistic and creative activities through an elaborate program of residencies in the artistic and curatorial field during which performers, artists, curators and scholars are invited to reside in the collections and exhibition spaces, make presentations and “participate the scene” of the Museum.

The new project Find the site in the renovated T space And the Born out of a collaboration with the homogeneous space created by Giulia Sprefico Wu Rui in 2016 in Milan. As an independent art space and as a place capable of making artistic activity sustainable, the T space in Milan has evolved over the years, transforming itself into a design and encounter space capable of favoring the encounter and cultural exchange between founders, artists and audiences.

In this place, the joyful dimension has always played an essential role, and in accordance with the wishes of the founders, moments of sharing have always been an indispensable part of the project: tea sipped together (the T of the name plays precisely with the chime. In the English word tea!) Indeed a creative break and an opportunity for knowledge.

That’s why too t-space of MAOconceived primarily as The studio is open to the public And the creative placedon’t give upthe cheerful side: Visitors will be able to access the space to take a break, have tea, meet artists and performers, and participate in scheduled events.

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Among the artists who will take turns revitalizing the museum’s collections, expanding their meanings and bringing them back to the contemporary dimension, there are Italian and international directors and filmmakers, visual artists and artists such as Film Warshad, Massimo Grimaldi, Fusao Studio and Jacopo. Miliani.

t-space X MAO, Inside the museum, on Via San Domenico 11, admission is free.