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official in July.  American rumors also about Rome

official in July. American rumors also about Rome

Turin Rumors surrounding the negotiation of the sale have been circulating for some time, and now we have the very concrete news about the agreement reached:Udinese Sold to a US box and delivery will be on July 1st. Generally amazing news, even if we take into account the current dynamics of our Serie A, but particularly exciting because it marks the departure of the family, following the departure of Agnellis, who has been at the helm of Serie A for the longest time. Jean Paolo PozzoHe, in fact, took charge of Friulian FC in July 1986 and will take charge of the team after 37 years very intense from a sporting and corporate point of view: Udinese is in fact one of the few Italian clubs that has managed to have its own stadium. Thus, the buyers belong to a variety of US mutual funds. In this case it is tandem: 890 Fifth Avenue Partners StA New York-based financial group that specializes in media and sports with Group Nine Acquisition Corp. The latter is technically defined as Spac (Special Purpose Acquisition Company, an anonymous US-based and publicly traded company) in partnership with 890 that invested 200 million euros. Watford’s stake should also be part of the ‘package’ even if valuation is still pending while they wait to see if they gain access to the Premier League.

The premise of the sale of Rome

What concerns Udine is not the only news that arrives from the United States: in recent days, in fact, a selling hypothesis Rome by Friedkin to another American investor. In this case, the condition is necessary even if there are those who have already identified the potential buyer whose profile is very close to that of Tom Barak, the person who sold PSG to Qatar Investment Authority By Al-Khelaifi, with whom Friedkin has extensive professional connections. The current ownership of the Roma is certainly reflected in the economic terms of the investment (the last budget in the red 219.3 million, the worst in the history of the Giallorossi. Between the purchase of shares and subsequent payments, they have already spent 817.1 million euros in just over two and a half years: 199 to acquire the club, and 25.9 for the takeover offer, 500.2 for management and 92 million for the bond), without forgetting the difficulties involved in launching the stadium project. Thus, it is not excluded that Barrack’s interest is dictated precisely by this option, given that her primary business is real estate, and that a partnership is accessible.

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Ferrero and Sampdoria

We shouldn’t forget that either Massimo Ferrero He is seeking support from American funds (Oaktree is at stake) to find 35 million by giving club shares as collateral: the hypothesis that Genoa will soon acquire another American property is concrete. But if the situation of Roma and Sampdoria was in flux, now that of Udinese has been decided and Serie A has begun to have the eighth foreign property in its “staff”. Of these, in fact, the American majority stand out (Bologna is Canadian but Saputo has a club, Montreal, which plays in the American major league): five out of seven. To the list, then, should be added the most prestigious Serie B clubs in the hands of American funds or natural persons: from Genoa to Parma, from Venice to SPAL to Pisa (actually Russian-American). To complete the picture there are Como of Indonesia and Palermo of the City group, but there is no doubt that Italian football is colored more and more with the “stars and stripes”.