Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Obama, the former US President, talks about UFOs on live TV


UFOs (aka “Unidentified Flying Objects”)? We do not know exactly what it is, so it is a phenomenon that “needs to be taken seriously”. This was stated by former US President Barack Obama in an interview in recent days at Late Late Show CBS led by James Corden.

Flying Body Video

The topic was the focus of the interview because the Pentagon is in recent days Correctly confirmed An unknown body photo taken in 2019 by a US Navy ship. At the end of the investigation conducted by the task force on unknown weather phenomena within the Ministry of Defense, spokeswoman Susan Gove said: “I can confirm that the video was actually filmed by the Navy and that the investigations into the images are ongoing.”

Pentagon investigation


Pentagon video

The video, published by documentary filmmaker Jeremy Korbel, shows what Pentagon experts have identified as a “transmedium facial”, a vehicle capable of moving in air, water and vacuum that, as shown by the photos, entered the ocean water without suffering any damage.
In the meantime, a comprehensive report on the activity carried out to investigate the UFOs from the Pentagon is expected to be issued in the coming weeks, and it will be presented to Congress.

Obama: “Investigations must be taken seriously.”

That is why Obama was called on during the entertainment TV program to give his opinion on the topic: “It is true that there are films and recordings of things in the sky that we do not know exactly. We cannot explain their paths. It does not move in a pattern that can be explained easily. So I think people take very seriously trying to investigate and understand what that is, ”

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