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Monaco GP 2021: Program, Circle, Sky Schedules and TV8 – Formula 1


After taking public tests with the historic Grand Prix and with the Formula E ePrix, circuit Monaco Ready for the F1 Grand Prix that is back on the calendar after an absence in 2020 forced by the Coronavirus. The track is nothing new compared to the 2019 edition – there will be only one DRS area on the “ straight ” start between Anthony Nouggs and St.Divot – Lewis Hamilton thrilled it on the final lap of friction with Max Verstappen at Port Chikan. At the time, the Mercedes driver was in full control of the drivers ’classification, and this year’s Dutchman from Red Bull will be in Monte Carlo with 14 points to recover from the seven-time world champion.

The most famous city track in the world has often proven to be a hunting ground for the Red Bulls, especially in the years when a specialist in the principality like Daniel Ricciardo was defending the colors of the Milton Keynes team. Obviously, there are high expectations for the owner, too Charles Leclerc, Who in 2019 was the exciting race champion with an overtaking in Loews against Lando Norris and in Rascasse against Romain Grosjean. The same maneuver attempted with Nico Hulkenberg cost the Ferrari driver to contact the guard rod and retire due to damage to the correct suspension. The weekend was a daunting one for Leclerc due to a dramatic disqualification during the first quarter due to a track that improved so much in the final minutes that Leclerc stayed in the pits due to incorrect calculations by Ferrari Wall, which deemed the experience of time for the 1997 class sufficient to overcome the cut.

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The event will be broadcast live on both Sky Sport F1 Of the TV8 Which will broadcast the qualifiers and the race. will, as always, ensure that all sessions are covered through direct writing. As a tradition, free practice will take place on Thursdays. Below are all the details of the sessions and TV shows.

Thursday, May 20
PL1 from 11:30 to 12:30, live on Sky Sport F1 and
PL2 from 15:00 to 16:00, live on Sky Sport F1 and

Saturday May 22
PL3 from 12:00 to 13:00, live on Sky Sport F1 and
Qualification from 15:00 to 16:00, live on Sky Sport F1, TV8 and

Sunday May 23
Grand Prix from 15:00, live on Sky Sport F1, TV8 and

F1 GP Monaco
Road: 3337 km
Number of turns: 78
Racing distance: 260,286 kilometers


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