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Nutritionists’ warning: This wildly popular diet will wreak havoc on your bones.  You are sure to have problems as you get older

Nutritionists’ warning: This wildly popular diet will wreak havoc on your bones. You are sure to have problems as you get older

Wrong Diet La Terra Del Gusto

The statement, completely truthful and unfounded, that it is extremely dangerous to follow A.J Do it yourself diet. In this case, we are talking about a very widespread, but very harmful condition.

So now that we are witnessing the month par excellence summer holidays But this also puts an end to period of relaxation To make room for a legal return to study and work, there is still a lot of talk fashion test. Among other things, the latter is also seen as a Real horror For many people, especially women.

In addition to the classics gym sessionsmany people decide to rely on it My dietNot only to lose weight, but also to feel good about yourself. However, the mistake that many make is to think that they can manage their affairs on their own, and they often give up on themselves, due to the lack of knowledge on this subject, Food clichés.

a My dietto be effective, must necessarily be plotted by a number specialized. Let’s talk for example a Dietitian specifically or a nutrition specialistable to create it to measure the person concerned on the basis of it specific material valuesWhich can be learned through exams.

Then no to DIY diets!

each one of us Different On the other hand you know, so what It could be okay for one it can not be Same for someone else too in terms of allergies, intolerances, etc. It is therefore very wrong to think of following a common line as not based on really proven values ​​but on the basis of them basic Rumors regarding healthy food or unhealthy.

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Dieting In particular, it has recently gone viral on the internet and is proven to be highly clicked and followed. However, it is too bad that its effectiveness has not been proven in any way and that in fact it seemed to be a lot Harmful. Above all, this diet was found to be very harmful in relation to The skeleton. How does it happen and what does it consist of?

Beware of bad diets
Wrong Diet La Terra Del Gusto

The “clean eating” diet is everywhere

Diet It was just named, and it has been particularly well established in the UK and many people seem to have taken it into consideration. Precisely in it there is a common command based on a totally arbitrary determination, which would be to consume as many fruits and vegetables first and foremost as possible, which in itself is not wrong, but is Omit other foods Instead it is necessary for a fair contribution.

Foods that have been removed from the diet “clean eating” she Dairy products and the Algoltenin order, as they say, to realize A.I Feeling bigger to luxury. This, experts say, may be wrong, since not eating foods such as cheese, pasta and bread can have serious repercussions in the future, such asOsteoporosis in old age.