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No Way Home, here's where and when to stream

No Way Home, here’s where and when to stream

Spider-Man: There is no room for homethe latest movie in – for now – a trilogy that sees Tom Holland play one of the most beloved superheroes from Marvel and beyond, Finally coming to stream: This is where and when he will arrive.

First of all, there are two aspects that need to be clarified. This movie, unlike the vast majority of others, focused on the friendly superhero character in our neighborhood, Shouldn’t be coming to Netflixdespite a multi-year agreement between the platform and Sony, the production company that owns the movie rights to Spider-Man’s narrative world.

at the same time, Spider-Man: No Way Home is now available for purchase in digital format and is therefore available live, on various platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Rakuten, Chili and YouTube at €16.99. However, it will be available to rent on April 8 for Amazon Prime Video subscribers and users of other platforms.

If you, like many, madly in love with this movie and can’t wait to watch it, Renting can be an excellent solution for you. Also because, unlike other movies that belong to Marvel Cinematic UniverseAnd the The latter shouldn’t land on Disney+.

Spider-Man No Way Home streaming

However, it should be determined last year The two entertainment giants have signed an agreement that will start this year and end in 2026 that will see Sony films access the Disney streaming service’s catalog..

However, this deal currently only affects subscribers in the USWe don’t know if and when it will also arrive in Italy. As you know, catalogs differ from country to country, and therefore Italian subscribers may not benefit from this agreement.

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Anyway, to see the movie that broke most box office records, and on the cheap, that drove millions of fans around the world crazy, it wasn’t long. So we just have to wait for the 8th of April. Alternatively, the title is available in Blu-Ray version.