Monday, July 22, 2024

‘No to LGBT discrimination in the EU’: An appeal from 16 European leaders | Hungary, Orbán: “Our law is not an anti-gay law”


The same message was retweeted on Twitter at the same time by the leaders of the other two sites, from Pedro Sanchez to Mark Rutte. The latter commented, “With this anti-LGBT law, Hungary has no place in the European Union.” Signing the letter are the leaders of Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, Cyprus, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden.

European Union President David Sassoli also intervened. “When democratic values ​​are under attack, our response must be firm – he said -. Discrimination is not compatible with the values ​​of the European Union: that is why we are concerned about recent Hungarian laws.”

The initiative does not explicitly mention the law recently passed by Budapest, but it comes ahead of an EU summit, where the issue will be raised. The letter reads: “On the occasion of LGBT Pride Day, June 28, and in light of threats against fundamental rights, in particular the principle of non-discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, we express our attachment to our fundamental shared values.”

“It will be a day to remember that we are diverse and tolerant societies, committed to the free development of the personality of each of our citizens, including their sexual orientation and gender identity. It will also be a time to celebrate what we have done in recent years has come a long way in favor of these principles, which we believe are the foundation of the European Union” .

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Urban’s reply – “We don’t have a law against homosexuality in Hungary. We have a law that defends parents and children. It’s always better to read first and then respond” thus responded Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, to leaders who criticized him.


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