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No, Mary Poppins is not banned for under 12s in the UK

No, Mary Poppins is not banned for under 12s in the UK

So this is not true Mary Poppins It was forbidden for children under 12 years of age. Specific evaluation is called 12a or 12: Films classified in this way “generally contain material” that is not “suitable for children under 12 years of age”.

The BBFC website says the new rating was given because Mary Poppins Contains “discriminatory language”. Spokesman for the organization He announced In the BBC The film twice contains a word considered discriminatory, namely “Hottentots” (com. hottentots In English), as Salvini mentioned on Facebook. like He explains the Tricani“Hottentot” is a “nickname” given by Dutch settlers in the seventeenth century to the tribes living around the Cape of Good Hope, which is currently located in South Africa. According to the encyclopedia, it appears that the word “Hottentot” “meant “the stutterer,” and that this name was chosen “because of the obscene sounds used by” the local tribes in their language. Curiosity: The term “barbarian” is also derived from the ancient Greek word “barbaros.” , birth To imitate the chatter (“bar bar”) of people unable to speak that language.

in Mary Poppins The offensive word is uttered twice during the film, always by Admiral Boom (a minor character played by John Reginald Owen). The first time is when Admiral Michael Banks (one of the two children who would become Mary Poppins' nanny) asks what adventures he has planned for that day, and whether he is going “to fight the Hottentots or to find hidden treasures?” And again when – commenting on the sight of chimney sweeps dancing on the rooftops of London, their faces blackened with soot – he shouted: “The Hottentots have attacked us!”

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