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Next week's cold outbreak moves towards the heart of Europe and its effects in Italy

Next week's cold outbreak moves towards the heart of Europe and its effects in Italy

Next week: a cold wave from Scandinavia

Don't be fooled by the heat that awaits us in the next few days and especially at the weekend: from next week we will be dealing with a wave of cold air straight from Scandinavia, with impacts as far away as Italy.

The latest update that has just arrived confirms Hypothesis A A sudden change in weather early on Tuesday, April 16.
Every single “mistake”. Cyclone It is located between Finland and Sweden so he is able to drive Air currents of polar origin (and therefore very cold and unstable) reach the Mediterranean basin, leading to a phase of bad weather in many areas.. If this is confirmed, it is reasonable to expect an eventful phase, with a high probability of rainfall especially in the northeast, center and south (especially on the Adriatic side).
It will be necessary to understand where the lows will form and where the contrasts that can arise: after the anomalous heat phase that we expect next weekend, there is in fact a risk of Extreme weather events Due to the large potential energy (heat and moisture) contained in the lower layers of the atmosphere and interaction with cold currents coming from northern Europe.

Cold and unstable air currents of polar origin descend from Scandinavia
Not just rainfall, even Temperature They can take a good shake holding themselves up below climatic averages Reference: The difference could be even more noticeable considering that we will be arriving from a period that resembles the beginning of summer more than April.

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However, we will have the opportunity to talk about this again in our next Insights: We will keep you updated.